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Student Exchange Programs at Université de Montréal

Essential steps for a student exchange at UdeM - After submitting an application

Daphne Levasseur

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Student Exchange Programs at Université de Montréal

Student Exchange Programs
Guide for Incoming Students - Part 2
After You've Submitted Your Application

Section 1: Waiting for the decision
Section 2 : After your admission
Section 3: The Bureau des étudiants internationaux (BEI)
Section 4: Arriving in Montréal
Congratulations! You have been admitted to UdeM's Student Exchange Program! Now what are the next steps?
The official admission letter
The welcome letter
Course selection and registration
Assessing your application
THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF ADMISSION, even if you have been nominated by your university.
Each application is assessed by the academic advisor assigned to the selected program at UdeM. The decision is mainly based on the following criteria:
The quality of your academic record
The level of French
Selected courses
The number of places available
Remember that admission to some programs is competitive (Psychology, Law, Economics). Even if you have a good academic record, the assessment will depend on the other applications received for these programs.
Follow up your status (online portal)
Any decision relative to your application will be made available online through the « Centre étudiant » online student center (on the top right).
To access the Centre étudiant, a UNIP code will automatically be assigned to you when you complete your online admission application.
If you have not received your UNIP code, please send your inquiry to the following address:
Once a decision has been taken, you'll receive an automated email informing you to consult the "Centre étudiant" (top right)
You can print the letter of refusal or admission from your "Centre étudiant" and, in the later case, use it to start the formalities for your entry and stay.
Avoid delays and start the immigration procedures for entry and stay. Copies of the admission letter are accepted by the embassies and consulates. Sometimes, it can take up to two months to obtain a visa, so act quickly!
In the weeks following your admission, you will receive a welcome letter by email from the Office of International Affairs (DAI).
Please read ALL the documents.
This documentation provides important information on the preparation of your stay, including:
The name and contact information of your academic advisor (course selection) and the contact person -TGDE (registration)
Semester dates and duration of stay
Welcome activities organized by the Bureau des étudiants internationaux (BEI)
If a housing offer is included in your welcome package, please be sure to make your reservation and deposit with the BEI.
Online registration is not available to exchange students
Registration is on site
Please contact your academic advisor to discuss your course selection
The name and contact information of your academic advisor and contact person for registration can be found on the first page of your welcome letter.
Bureau des étudiants internationaux
(BEI) provides support for the integration of foreign students at the Université de Montréal and into Québec society. The BEI's services are useful during the students' initial arrival as well as throughout their stay at the University.
Medical insurance coverage
It is important to obtain the required entry and student visas. The requirements may vary according to:
Various accommodation options are available to exchange students. It is the student's responsibility to make their own arrangements and pay for housing. Of course, the BEI is here to help!
University residences
Some students will receive a housing offer. This offer will be included in your welcome letter. However, since the available places are limited, the housing is only offered to students coming from selected universities.
Receiving a housing offer does not mean that your place is reserved. To reserve a room, you have to make your reservation and pay a deposit with the BEI before June 30th.
You should note that no rooms in the halls of residence are offered to exchange students accepted exclusively for the winter semester. Rooms are only available to students arriving during the fall semester.
For more information on housing, please visit the following website:
Off campus housing
Students who won't live in the halls of residence can rent a room or an apartment outside the campus for the duration of their stay.
UdeM's Bureau du logement hors campus can help you find off campus housing. Please consult their online database of rooms and apartments:
The BEI's website also suggests a number of websites to help you in your search as well as offers the price range you can expect for housing near the University:
Please note that UdeM cannot in any way intervene with government authorities concerning a visa application.
Duration of stay
The anticipated activities during the stay:
Studies only
Make sure you get the right authorizations from the different levels of government (provincial and federal).
The Government of Quebec requires you to obtain the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (commonly known as the CAQ) for a stay of more than 6 months. For more information, visit:

The Government of Canada requires you to obtain a study visa, or a work permit if you wish to do an internship. For more information, visit:
For general information, please contact the BEI staff directly at:
+1 (514) 343-6935
All exchange students are
signed up to Université de Montréal's
medical insurance plan.
A bill for each semester will be automatically issued for the medical coverage. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the fee is 324$ per semester (4 months). A slight increase in this rate should be anticipated for the following academic year.
An exemption can be granted to certain students from countries that have signed an agreement with Québec (France, Belgium, as well as certain other european countries). In addition, an exemption can be granted to certain students who benefit from collective coverage contracted by a scholarship awarding organization or by the home university if the BEI's requirements are met. No other insurance coverage will be accepted.
If you are eligible for an exemption, make sure to consult the International Relations Office at your home University before your departure in order to obtain the correct form to complete the administrative procedures with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) upon your arrival in Montréal.
An unpaid bill leads to the suspension of your student status at UdeM. Avoid problems and pay your bill now!
Please refer to the following website for more information on UdeM's medical coverage exemptions:
First step:
Meet with the BEI
Second step:
Course registration
Third step:
Finalizing your enrollment
Nous vous conseillons d'arriver au moins une semaine avant le début des cours afin d'entreprendre les démarches suivantes
Welcome week
At the beginning of each semester, the BEI organizes a number of activities as part of its welcome week:
Informational meetings
Guided tours of the campus
Welcome cocktails
The activities scheduled at the beginning of each semester can be found here:
Informational meetings
Attendance at one of the informational meetings is
. If you can't participate during the welcome week, other meetings are organized at another time.
When attending the informational meeting, you must remember to bring a copy of the following documents:
your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
your passport
your student visa
or, in the absence of these documents, any other document issued by Canada's and/or Quebec's immigration authorities
Course registration is completed upon your arrival at UdeM. There is no online course registration for exchange students.
First, you have to meet with your
academic advisor
in order to confirm your course choices. This professor will advise you and help you choose courses that are most suitable to your academic profile.
Once you have confirmed your course choices, you have to meet with your assigned TGDE (contact person for registration) who will enroll you in your courses.
Undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits per semester and a maximum of 15 credits.
Graduate students must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits per semester and a maximum of 9 credits.
Do not wait until the last minute to contact your academic advisor. You can make an appointment or ask important questions by email long before your arrival.
In compliance with the agreement surrounding student exchanges, you will have access to all the services offered to regular full-time students:
sport center, library, clinics, etc.

The faster you finalize your enrollment, the faster you will be able to enjoy these services!
Student ID
Your student ID will allow you to access the different services offered at UdeM. You will receive more information on how to obtain your student ID when meeting with the BEI. You can also consult the following website:
Paying your fees
We recommend that you pay the medical insurance and/or course material fees (if you are registered in a language course) immediately upon reception of your invoice. Any unpaid fees will lead to the suspension of your student status at UdeM.
The "Centre étudiant"
By now, you should be familiar with the "Centre étudiant". Make sure to update your address at the beginning and end of your studies at UdeM to receive your academic transcript.
In addition, the "Centre étudiant" allows you to access your course choices, personal schedule, academic transcript, etc. It is
tool to manage your student record during your stay at UdeM.
For questions regarding your UNIP code or your "Centre étudiant" access, please contact:
To make meetings easier, please respect the BEI's office hours:
Follow the BEI on Facebook!
Enjoy your stay at
Université de Montréal!
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