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Ingenuity Innovation Center

Come and explore who we are and what we do!

Kate Wildrick

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Ingenuity Innovation Center

It turns out that this is exactly what is wanted AND needed.
because the needs of the planet and people are aligned.
Together we are Creating a Whole Systems Living Model
This is what we do at the Ingenuity Innovation Center
St. Helens, Oregon
And what if there was a community there to support their idea
Deep down everyone has a "seed."
This is the passion that makes the heart come alive.
Inside here is where everyone's dreams are kept.
So what would happen if we planted this seed and nurtured it?
What ideas would come?
and give feedback and support?
Ingenuity Innovation Center decided to find out.
We found 20 acres to provide space for people who wish to create.
And challenged them to use their passion to develop sustainable solutions.
Hundreds of people stepped forward from all generations and backgrounds to participate.
began to fall away
People started to collaborate and share.
Because, when we focus on people's needs, their passions soon follow.
This becomes the strong rooted foundation for people and communities to be sustainable
And it is here that true human ingenuity arises.
The fruits of these creations can be seen in new social business models and economic systems.
Artists, educators, technicians, and dreamers of all walks of life are creating a new world of possibility and changing the game as we know it.
That will benefit generations to come.
We Incubate B-Corps!
And this is how we create benefit for all...
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