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Emotional Intelligence

No description

jerrod milton

on 23 May 2018

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Transcript of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
Jerrod Milton, VP of Operations
Leadership Effectiveness
Understanding the Power of Emotional Intelligence...aka EQ.
Remember plasticity...and keep the road well traveled!

Many leaders are simply ill-prepared to successfully negotiate the
interpersonal dynamics of the workplace.

The Four Skills of EQ
EQ boils down to two competencies...
Personal Competence (YOU)
and Social Competence (how YOU are with other People).
Brain Anatomy
Who Knew Emotions Have the Upper Hand?
Everything you see, smell, hear, taste & touch travels through
our bodies in the form of electrical signals.

These senses enter the brain near the brain stem and before they
can be processed rationally in the pre-frontal cortex, they must
travel through the amygdala (aka the limbic system).

This journey ensures you experience things
can come into play.

The communication between the emotional & the rational part of the brain is the physical source of emotional intelligence.
How Important is EQ?
EQ is so critical to success that it accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs.
How are you feeling right now?
EQ does not correlate predictably to one's IQ or personality.
Cognitive intelligence (ability to learn) is not flexible. It is the same at age 15 as it is at age 50...
You either have it or you don't.
Personality is the stable style each of us has (i.e., tendency to be introverted or extroverted).
Like IQ, personality is stable over one's lifetime.
Unlike IQ and Personality however, EQ can be developed even if one is not born with it.
Self-Awareness (Accurately perceiving YOUR own feelings and tendencies)...
Self-Management (What happens when YOU act or do not act)...
This is dependent on your self-awareness...
Stay cool and direct your behavior positively.
Put your needs aside momentarily in pursuit of larger, more important goals.
Social Awareness (YOUR ability to accurately sense emotions of OTHER people and understand what is going on with them)...
Sometimes perceiving is easier than others...
Listen carefully...
Watch people as you interact with them...
Relationship Management (managing interactions successfully)...
This is also known as empathy...
See the benefit of connecting with many different people, even those we are not fond of...
Relationships are central to this...
Greatest challenge occurs during times of stress...
The weaker the connection you have with someone, the harder it is to get your point across...the difference between interaction and a relationship is a matter of frequency.

It is a product of the quality, depth, and time you spend interacting.
Plasticity...the good news is that despite not being born with all of this, your brain has the ability to change!
Feedback (Situation, Behavior, Impact...) vs. Criticism (Personality, Character, Interests)
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