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Case Study: Haleeb Milk

No description

Arsal Aftab

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Haleeb Milk

Evolution of HFL
Started of in 1984 as Chaudhry Dairies
Name changed to Haleeb Foods Limited in 2004
Turnover of PKR 10 billion annually in 2006
Vision Mega Fobs Group Limited purchased a huge chunk of shares and brought new young and skilled management
SWOT Analysis
What went wrong?
Haleeb limiting itself
Lack of Portfolio Management
Local Competition
Shortage of funds
Promotion never existed
No sales on credit
What next?
After 2011, the company did gradually started making profits. They weren't a lot of profits but as per former company executives it will take HFL 8 years to reach the position they were if they keep going at the same pace.
The co-operation among the different departments of HFL should also improve which will in turn decrease the bureaucratic cost and increase the efficiency of the company.
SWOT Analysis
Case Study: Haleeb Foods
Arsal Aftab 13015
Highly sophisticated plant and equipment
Qualified work force
Focus on research and development
First and the only dairy company in Pakistan to get ISO 9002 Certification
Endowed with very good breed of buffaloes
Low Promotional activities
Comparatively weak distribution system
Small and scattered animal holdings
Milk processing predominantly dependent on obsolete UHT technology
Haleeb Foods Limited can export food items especially Juices to Middle East
CDL Foods limited has been changed to Haleeb Foods Limited, so this change in name can help them to attract foreign customers
Haleeb Foods Limited can go for related diversification by producing pure juices and flavored yoghurt
Strong competitors
Price sensitive people
Milk men (Doodhwala) providing non branded milk at homes
Still, its flagship product Haleeb is in crisis as the share of UHT milk has dropped from 52% in 2006-07 to around 10% at present. Another product Tea Max is doing well in the tea whitener category.

The activities like customer satisfaction day should be performed on regular basis so the company should know about the feedback of the customers regarding the products and image of the company.

The shopkeeper complains that HFL don’t provide replacement to the expired products so they should provide proper replacements to the shopkeepers to enhance the image of the company.
Haleeb Foods Limited should improve its distribution system specially the retailers are not happy with distribution of Haleeb Milk.
551-479 BC
"I hear, I know, I see, I remember.
I do, I understand"
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