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The Crucible Setting

No description

Tyler Scott

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible Setting

The Crucible Setting
Tyler Scott
The Crucible
Is theater more effective in small places?
If a film takes place in one environment, the audience might get bored easily. A film must provide a better understanding to the audience. Film needs more space to do this.

Theater is more effective in a small stage because people can focus more on the performance than understanding the environment.
The land is very precious to the people of Salem. Thomas Putnam, for example, had his niece accuse others of witchery in order to obtain their land.
We are able to see a larger portion of the community to see how perfect the town is. The setting of the play portrays how precious the town is to lose. This adds to the drama of the play.
The community
Scenes At Night
Many frightful things happen during the night. The night is dark, and can symbolize sad or suspenseful situations. Scenes in The Crucible like the opening scene and Elizabeth being taken from her home are taken place at night. The girls dancing in the woods show how everything was started. Elizabeth being taken into custody happens at night which shows how serious the situation is
We are introduced to Abigail, and the girls at night. We are introduced to them in such a breathtaking scene because they are what some might consider evil. They are the cause of the witch hunt. They are the cause for all the mischief.
We are introduced to John Proctor during the day because despite his previous motives, he is still a good man. Which he shows at the end of the play.
We are introduced to Elizabeth Proctor during the day because she is a kind person.
The pattern of the film goes from outside to inside. This adds a quick pace to the film. Instead of all your attention being focused on one particular place, you can focus on the whole time. You get a better understanding that Salem is a lot to lose.
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