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Adrian Villalobos

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Exposition

Poe's tale reaches it's apex as the storm becomes increasingly violent. The waves thrash as the ocean gales quickly fling the ship off of it's course. The crew is soon sent spiraling into a world of terror as they realize that they are stranded in the middle of the ocean with no means of navigation.
In the introduction of "A Manuscript Found in a Bottle", we are introduced to our protagonist, an educated and wealthy youth in preperation for a voyage to a distant archipeligo. With the ship fully stocked and the crew ready for departure, the bunch sets sail with a gust of wind towards the Sunda Islands. However, unbeknownst to our hero, this voyage eis destined to end in tragedy.
Rising Action
The story begins to pick up when our hero spots a change in the tides. The crew begins to scamper frantically, preparing for the oncoming storm. The ocean churns, whipping the ship about across the surface.
The resolution of this nautical tale is rather brief and short lived. The conclusion consists of little more than a paragraph, detailing the protagonists views on the downtrodden disposition of the crew and his own uncertain fate. As he ponders his grim situation, "the ice opens suddenly to the right, and to left", as the ship, along with it's crew, is sent spiraling into a whirpool. The tale ends with the implied death of the protagonist and his companions, with a final vocalization of "the ship is quivering, oh God! and --going down".
Falling Action
As the storm settles, the protagonist begins to ponder his fate. With the waves stilled and the crew forlorn, the hero slowly descends into a state of madness, convinced that the voyage is doomed. The character soon resigns to his fate, and accepts his imminent death at sea. However, this acceptance is soon replaced by terror, as a whirpool emerges and swallow the ship, along with it's crew.
Manuscript Found in a Bottle
by Edgar Allen Poe

Throughot this piece, Poe makes use of no singluar tone, but rather makes use of many, often quickly and abruptly changing the pace of the story. The tale begins with a calmly paced introduction where we first see our character and his situation. However, as the story progresses, the pace becomes faster and the tone shifts to that of panic and fear of the storm. The story settles down again as the tides set and our character calms himself. This tone of stillness is short lived however, as a whirlpool quickly emerges and swallows our frantic hero.
Adult Life
Attended School in Virgina
Did well in school
Lived in poverty
Joined the army
Stories his source of income
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Inevitablity of death
"Oh, horror upon horror! the ice opens suddenly to the right, and to the left, and we are whirling dizzily, in immense concentric circles, round and round the borders of a gigantic amphitheater, the summit of whose walls is lost in the darkness and the distance. […] we are plunging madly within the grasp of the whirlpool—and amid a roaring, and bellowing, and shrieking of ocean and of tempest, the ship is quivering, oh God! and—going down."
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