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No description

Paola Ramirez

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of L

Si ya pusiste play al You Tube

...sigue la letra y el tempo para pasar cada frame Do you remember when we hadn't met or thought I'm glad you had your life all of those things brought you But if I try to think
of something better than this You're always such a fool
and in your eyes so blue (black)
I see the life
I never had before You always talk so smooth (loud)
and in your voooice so true (perhaps not)
I hear the dream tú y yo antes significa q estamos más gordos..?? 2do
uhhuhhuu you always so
true Enjoy it! I never had before heaven comes down
and reminds the luck we live we used to live things separate that could be
possible so good to listen to your past with me and now we're two .. queee romántico tu - runn Gracias Manty !!! por todo el apoyo en esta millonaria producción (( (aplausos) )) ponemos en una balanza.. ahora ...before Tururu - Tururu tú y yo
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