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Introduction to Personal Safety

No description

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Personal Safety

Let's Examine Our Day
Mentally review your daily activities
Identify areas and activities where you are most vulnerable
Strangers vs. persons known to you
Common Characteristics of Criminals
Low self-esteem
Extremely selfish attitudes
Lack of conscience and sense of mercy
View kindness as weakness
Blend in well to appear non-threatening and innocent
Constantly seeking criminal opportunities
Home Security
Is your home a safe place?
The majority of sexual assaults take place in the victim's home
According to a U.S. Department of Justice study, if you are home when a criminal gains entry, there is a 1 in 3 chance of becoming a victim of violence
Mental Preparedness
Introduction to Personal Safety
Introduction to Personal Safety
Criminal Predators
Awareness Levels
Low Level
- In the comfort of your home
Moderate Level
- In a familiar area, but surrounded by strangers (This where you are most at risk because you think you are safe)
High Level
- In an unknown area that may be associated with crime
Mental conditioning
- Developing a "mental" plan of action to use in the event you are confronted with certain situations.
Door viewer
Confirm identifications
Packages (have them left at the door)
Never tell visitors that you are alone.
Don't broadcast your plans in public or on social media
Don't let strangers into your home
Mailbox Services
Personal mailbox services
Post office box
Getting a mailbox at a UPS Store or other type of personal mail service avoids having packages come to your home.
Physical Security
A.I.M. & Boundaries

wareness (Know your surroundings and the people around you)

ntuition (Trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, don’t doubt the feeling)

indset (Think about what you would do in an emergency.)
Boundaries (Make sure that people respect your personal space.)
Automated Teller Machines
Stay alert
Location (Go to a well lit ATM in a store over an outdoor one.)
Avoid ATMs at night.
Wide curves for corners (Easier to see if someone is lurking.)
Ask friends to wait for you. (Don’t walk or go out on your own)
Avoid walking at night or in dark areas.
Public Transportation
Wait in well lit areas.
Belongings (Keep them close to you and do not wear or display flashy jewelry, clothing or electronics.)
Backpacks, Purses and Wallets
Carry only necessary items
Fanny pack or money belt (Travel)
Mugger money (Money to give a mugger while you keep the rest of the money hidden)
Decoy wallet (The same concept as mugger money, a wallet to give the mugger)
How to carry a purse (Around your neck and arm, not just on your arm)
High Risk Areas

Travel to these places in groups and avoid these areas at night
Laundry Room
Public Restrooms
Public Spaces
Parking Lots
Trash / Dumpster Areas
Automobile Security
Approaching, Entering & Exiting Your Vehicle
Keep one arm free
Park in well lit areas
Keys in hand
Look inside (Someone may already be inside waiting for you!)
Lock your doors first
Series of turns (if you think that you are being followed)
Keep gas tank half full
Cell phone, charger, juice box.
Only stop to help those that you know
Beware of accident and breakdown ploys
Accidents and Police Cars
Stay in your car
Partially lower your window
Request another officer or supervisor (if concerned)
Stop in public, well lit, location.
Never follow an officer to a non-public location
Hitchhikers and Road Rage
NEVER pick up hitchhikers.
In cases of road rage, give the right-of-way to the aggressor.
Don’t react to someone else’s anger.
Personal Protection Devices
Personal Alarms
Battery powered
Loud noise
Activated by button or pin
Pepper Sprays & Foams
• Pepper Sprays & Foams (Sprays, foams, & streams. Strengths vary. Affects breathing and sight for 20-40 minutes. Has safety and expiration date. Practice.)
THIS IS A COMMITMENT. In order to carry a firearm for personal protection, one must commit to being trained, proficiently, by a COMPETENT instructor. Failure to train or practice with any of these devices can have an adverse, and possibly fatal outcome for YOU should you need to rely on any of these.)
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