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English Renaissance

No description

Ayub Noor

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of English Renaissance

English Renaissance By:
Noor During 1500-1650
Renaissance means “rebirth”
Also known as Elizabethan England
English Renaissence Daily life in Elizabethan England varied according to status and location.
It was the time of the Renaissance - new ideas in science and technology. -The Introduction of the theatre and the work of playwrights such as William Shakespeare. - Changes in leisure and entertainment, increase in trade, and in people. Daily Life in England Grammar schools were available to the Middle classes.
The development of printing produced more books made it easier to educate people.
Between 1550 and 1570 many of England's famous schools and universities were founded. Daily Life- Education England undergone massive religious changes.
Religous turmoil
Fights between Protestants and Catholics.
Monks and Nuns became homeless
Queen Mary was a cruel Catholic - she obtained the name Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants
Queen Elizabeth assisted to the Protestant religion but was tolerant to Catholics
Daily life - Religion The Tudors Owen Tudor married Catherine of Valois, the widow of Henry VI. Their son was Edmund Tudor and their grandson was Henry Tudor who became King Henry VII, the first Tudor King How the 'Tudor Line' Began? Three Kings and Two Queens How many ruled Britain? How long did the Tudors rule? King Henry VII (1457 - 1509)

King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547)

King Edward VI (1537 - 1553)

Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary - 1516 - 1558)

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) 1485 - 1603. The Tudor period started with
the reign of Henry VII in 1485 Katherine of Aragon the mother of Bloody Mary

Anne Boleyn the mother of Elizabeth I

Jane Seymour the mother of Edward VI

Anne of Cleves

Catherine Howard

Katherine Parr The six wives of Henry VIII "Divorced, Beheaded, Died
Divorced, Beheaded, Survived" The Streets of England The streets were narrow, cobbled, slippery with the slime of refuse. Houses were crammed together, and there were a lot of alleys. Pots, and trash were emptied out of windows.
Shakespeare Effect on English Renaissance Shakespeare contributed alot to the Renaissance.
In order to speak up about issues, writers, and even artists would hide messages in the public media. Shakespeare hid his thought of problems in his plays. For example, he hid Copernican helio-centric model in Hamlet, and also illustrated showed the struggles during society.

Shakespeare Shakespeare voiced the problems of current king and queens, society problems in a every day life. He was not just a guy wrote plays, He was a brave man who showed the issues of the Renaissance through an entertaining way.

Shakespears Plays It was a city of loud noises the yells of traders in the street selling merchadises. Even normal conversation must have been loud since everybody was "rude".

Shout Outs :O
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