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Ottoman Empire

No description

Daniel Barkes

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire How are empires created? Warm-Up: One of the largest and longest lasting
Ruled and sustained by Islam Ottoman Empire Empire coveres parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa Spread their religion Territory Capital City:
Istanbul (Formally Constantinople) Rulers were called Sultans
Main purpose ensure justice
especially for the helpless
Aided by officials called Vizirs
Second in command called Grand Vizir Allowed other religions to stay
Christians, Jews
Had to pay tax What led to the creation and expansion
of the Ottoman Empire? Wanted to convert new territory to Islam Wanted to control trade routes Why would it be important for them
to control a portion of Saudi Arabia? Understood the importance of popular opinion
(The Peasants)
Public Declaration of Laws
Siyasa-Severe punishment imposed on corrupt officials Suleiman 1520-1566 Helped any Muslim country
being invaded
Destabilization of Europe
Wisdom and Justice
(Considered 2nd Solomon Empire was at it's peak! Wanted to male Istanbul a cultural center
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