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on 27 November 2013

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Madhu led the engagement with ERI Bancaire which resulted in winning the first customer for WXTR and resulted in ERI Bancaire listing WXTR as part of their solution offerings! · Madhu quickly designed and implemented a solution to fix a bottleneck during the PoC - WXTRs inability to pass handle >32k data. He removed this restriction and improved this by allowing more than 10 MB of data transfer. This was a critical success factor in winning the bid.
· Madhu brought back the ERI scenario into the Lab and conducted further tests on WXTR identifying a performance bottleneck while transferring large data. Madhu led the work on improving this by implementing the in-memory transport, which improved the performance by more than 85% !

Danny’s visit to Bangalore


Quo Qiang Li (Storm) has consistently delivered with passion and excellence in all everything he does, demonstrating the qualities of an AIM Everyday Hero. Guo Qiang(Storm) is a technical leader of CICS delivery team for key components in CICS including CICS Cloud and Policy.He is very active in supporting CICS customers in AP, and works with IBM pre-sales, account teams, and partners with sales to help close deals. Two areas to highlight are Storm's recent accomplishments.
Solving ABC's production issue that helped close a $13M deal. Storm worked closely with GTS and the customer to determine the root cause of the complex problem and then resolved it within a short time-frame.
Solving DBS Bank’s performance issue in production, identifying several other potential problems and providing recommendations on how to improve their current performance monitoring

The Tree of CICS
Created by Will Meyerink

CDL BBQ & Games

ISL Celebrations

Chris & Vicki Law

Ledina & Dominic Evans

2013 Weddings

CICS 2013 Celebrations!
2013 Weddings

Paul & Louise Crockett

Andrew & Rachel Smithson

2013 Weddings

Hari Prasad Reddy Nalasani

Ning JiangBin & Ma, Wan ling

2013 Weddings

Vamsi Krishna Brahmojosyula

Cheng Fang BJ Wang & Xi Bo Zhu

2013 Weddings

Dileep Kuma Chiguruvada

Ashley & Beth Bill

Tom Grieve John Kurian Andrew Smithson Felicity Merrison

Vijay Namasevi

3Q/4Q IBM Anniversaries

Imogen Merrison

Austin’s baby

Casper Millwood

2013 Babies

Ian Deeley Sally Howard Julian Horn Andy Wright Neil Leedham

Mike Brooks

Roger Brooks

3Q/4Q IBM Anniversaries

Zheng, Qi Xing

Zhou BoYu

Struan Hodgins

Bethany Bricsoe

2013 Babies

Cluster E&E Award

Richard Cebula Gary Bettesworth

AIM E&E Award

Gary Bettesworth

Li, Wen Huang, Ting Ting Li, Guan Jun

CDL E&E Awards

3Q/4Q Awards


AA Award

Hari Venkitachalam

2013 Service Innovation Awards

Martin Cocks Adam Coulthard

Lab Advocate Awards

Ivan Hargreaves Mark Todd

Phil Wakelin George Burgess

3Q/4Q Awards

Joe Pavitt Hari Krishna Gurram Kishor S Kulkarni Fan, Si Bin

Zhang, Xiao Lin Xing, Chang Liang Jonathan Lawrence Madhava Dama

Hanna Clemo David Gauld Chris Poole Anna Bridgen

Welcome to our 2013 new team members

Welcome to our 2013 new team members

James Ravenscroft Sophie Green Jamie Coleman Greg Lubel

Kamilia Armasova Tom Hopkins Andrew Heaford Sara Wilson

Sean Clullinane Alex Melkonian Kevin Borrill

Andy Armstrong
5th Plateau - Hursley

Ivan Hargreaves
1st Plateau - Hursley

Brian Johnson
1st Plateau - Hursley

David Harman
2nd Plateau - Hursley

P, Harshavardhana
1st Plateau - India

Ben Cox
1st Plateau - Hursley

Gerry Allen
1st Plateau - Hursley

Plateau Award Presentations

Kailas Sheyte

Anna Bridgen

Mark Todd

Debbie Butts

George Burgess

Pete Dally

STARs of the Month

3Q Promotions

Nalsani, Hari Prassad Reddy
B7 India

Kasturi Mohan
B7B India

David Harris
B6 Hursley

Mark Woolley
B6 Hursley

Ledina Hido-Evans
B6 Hursley

Vamsi Brahmajosyula
B6B India

Sreejith Nalamvathukkal B7B India

Qin (Li Qin)
B7 China

Vincent (Li Wen)
B7 China

Suvadeep Das
B7A India

Steve Burghard

Will Yates

Andy Wright

Mark Cocker

Mark Woolley

P.Harshavardhana M

Mahdhu BA

Hari Venkitachalam

Abhuti Kaushik

John Kurian

Patent Award Presentations

Nathan Brice
B9 Hursley

Erin (Niao Qing Liu)
B7 Hursley

Tina (Huang Ting Ting
B7 China

Richard Cebula
B7 Hursley

Anna Bridgen
B7 Hursley

Ben Cox
B7 Hursley

Martin Cocks
B8 Hursley

Matt Comer
B8 Hursley

Andrew Smithson
B8 Hursley

Stew Francis
B8 Hursley
Sophie McMonagale
B9 Hursley

Steve Wallin
B9 Hursley

Rob Jones
B9 Hursley

Anthony Papageiougeou
B8 Hursley

3Q Promotions

10 years
15 years
25 years
30 years
35 years
3Q 2013
AIM Everyday Hero

Mahdu B A
WXTR, India

3Q 2013
AIM Everyday Hero

Guo Qiang Li (Storm)
3Q/4Q Awards

zInnovate Winners
Normand Howison
(winning team)
Ian Shore
(third place)

4Q OTAA Award
Hari Venkitachalam
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