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SIP59 AOT Stock Valuation

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Please Pleats

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of SIP59 AOT Stock Valuation

Stock Analysis by G.5 AIRPORTS OF THAILAND Company Overview Drive and Develop 6 international airports all over Thailand including... Don Muang International Airport
Chiang Mai International Airport
Hat-Yai International Airport
Phuket International Airport
Mae-Fah-Luang International Airport
Suvarnabhumi International Airport Revenue Sources Landing Charge Passenger
and Aircraft
Service Charge Parking Charge Aeronautical
Revenue Concession
Revenue Services
Revenue Office and Real
Property Rent Non
Revenue SWOT Analysis S W O T Monopoly Market
only one in the Market A few sources of revenues with high risk. Tourism is the main revenue of Thailand. Neighboring airport dump the price to attract more customers(airlines). Positive Stories The opening of AEC will stimulate air transportation. Negative Stories It is hard to expand an airport capacity due to the limited of space.
An increasing fee policy has been delay to be apply. Low cost airlines back to use Don Muang Airport to subsidize more customers. AOT has a constantly net income growth Technical Analysis Sell Buy Sell Buy Valuation Via DCF Valuation
- WACC 8.62%
- Terminal Growth 4.4% Expected Stock Price: 142 Stock Price @01-05-2013: 148 Recommendation
HOLD Thailand will be the Center of southeast Asia Transportation. Thailand is in the good location. Thailand is famous for Tourism and Medical. Having a higher cost than our neighboring countries. Difficult to connect with other transportation. State Enterprise
Subsidized by Government for both operational and financing. Fluctuation in foreign exchange currency. Final Recommendation from both Fundamental and Technical Analysis: HOLD
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