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Copy of super bacteria

No description

Karen Tronco

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of super bacteria

Antecedentes de la rickettsia

- Our experiment shows how bioremediation can clean oil spills.
This demonstration shows what goes on inside diesel fuel tanks of trucks and cars to cause sludge and blockage of fuel filters, the reason some home fuel oil heating systems stop working, and why power stations in remote settlements sometimes break down when bacterial sludge blocks injectors, pumps and fuel lines.
It is important in diesel storage to keep water out of the tanks to stop this biodegradation occurring.
In some long term diesel fuel storage, like in standby power stations, biocides (bug killing agents) are introduced into the diesel to stop this happening.
This also shows that oils like diesel can be easily broken down by bacteria at sea over time.
En 1906 Howard Taylor Ricketts (1871-1910) estudió una enfermedad que se manifestaba con cierta frecuencia en la zona noroeste de los Estados Unidos: LA FIEBRE DE LAS MONTAÑAS ROCOSAS

• half fill the four bottles pond water or sea water - try not to get any sand, dirt or clay in the water it will cloud the bottle and make it difficult to see what's happening (don't use domestic tap water - it may have chlorine to kill natural bugs)

• put a drop of liquid fertilizer in the bottom for nutrients

• put a small amount of automotive diesel (not petrol) on top

• put the lid on bottle, seal it well

• shake the water/diesel mix for a couple of minutes - this gets oxygen into the water for the bacteria to use

• open the bottles and leave on shelf for a few days/week - not in direct light and keep away from any flames, heat or ignition sources

• each day put top on bottles and give shake for a few seconds

• after a few days the bacteria will start to eat (consume) the diesel and produce a film of waste products at the water/oil interface (sludge) - this is where the bugs are active, as they live mostly in the water and eat the oil touching the water surface.
- Our project’s purpose is to see which jar will have the most activity of bacteria, depending on the amount of water in each jar. Does the amount of OIL affect the bacteria or the WATER?
Diagrama de una rickettsia
invadiendo una célula

start with 4 identical glass jars
La rickettsia es un género de bacterias perteneciente a la familia Riketssiaceae. Son parásitos que se encuentran dentro de la célula por lo que son sumamente pequeños.

T a x o n o m í a

Gram negativas
y no forman esporas

Bacteria pleofórmica



Poseen pared celular con peptidoglucano y lipopolisacáridos muy pobre .

del pacífico
H á b i t a t

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