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Grace Allen

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Maine

By: Grace A. Maine photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Maine entered the union in 1820 as the 23rd state The capital of Maine is Augusta Maine's nickname is The Pine Tree state This is Maine's state tree, the Eastern White Pine This is Maine's state flower, the White Pine Cone Grey Wolfs There are many animals in Maine including... Bald Eagles Chipmunks Barn Owls Mountain Lions Cottontail Rabbits Porcupines Least Weasels Black Bears Brown Bats State herb; Wintergreen The state bird is the Black-Capped Chickadee Red Foxes New Hampshire is the only state bordering Maine This is a picture of Maine's environment Maine is located farther northeast than any other state Maine is 35,385 sq miles This is the state map of maine This is the state animal, the Moose State insect; Honeybee State fish; Landlocked Salmon Major rivers in Maine are the St. John river, the Kennebec river, the Penobscot river, and the Androscoggin river. The state flag Ian Crocker, an olympic swimmer Famous people born in Maine include... Leon Leonwood Bean, the founder of L.L. Bean, the outdoor store Stephen E. King, a scary book and movie writer E.B White author of Charlotte's Web and other books Potatoes Products that come from Maine are... Maple Syrup Lobsters Blueberries Some Universities and Colleges in Maine are... Private Public University of Maine at Augusta Bates College Colby College Maine College of Art University of Southern Maine University of Maine System www.50states.com Bibliography www.maine.gov www.yorkschools.org www.enchantedlearning.com 10 important events in Maine's history are... (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 1984 -- Joan Benoit Samuelson won the first women's gold medal in the olympic marathon 11,500 years ago -- the Paleo Indians settled in Maine 1524 -- Giovanni da Verranzano became the first European to explore the coast of Maine 1820 -- Maine became its own state 1775 -- the first battle of the Revolutionary War happened off the coast of Machias, one of Maine's islands 1974 -- James Longley was elected Governor of Maine 1866 -- a fire destroyed most of downtown Portland in an area known as Old Port 1987 -- March brought flooding to Maine and most of the Northeastern states 2002 -- John E. Baldacci was elected mayor and reelected in 2006 1675 -- King Phillips War began The Unicorn Root Some endangered plants in Maine are... Maine has a Forest Service for their forests The Wild Leek The Screwstem The Cat-tail Sedge www.ehow.com Some of the largest natural resources are... Lumber Metals-copper Minerals-granite, gravel, zinc, and peat Fish Gemstones-topaz, amethyst, and tourmaline (state gem) State berry; Wild Blueberry Maine's population is about 1.3 million www.prezi.com State Seal
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