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brynn harnett

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of oil

Little video of the time line of oil
Thank you for your time. Hope you now know more about oil

What geological features define your geosenario?
* It is easy to break through sandstone, but it is impossible to break through imperiable rocks.

* To break out of a rock, the oil has to flow upward.

* Drills come in handy when imperiable rocks get in the way of oil.

What Earth process formed your geoscenario?
*The process of forming oil starts millions of years ago, around the time of the dinosaurs.

*Oil begins as a tiny organism made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

*Meanwhile, the structure of the oil we use today is quite differing from those organisms. The source of oil can be followed back to oceanic organisms.

*These organisms are called foraminifera and diatoms. Though these organisms lives are short the process that turns their decay into oil still takes millions of years.
How is your geoscenario significant to human life and future?
*Oil is very important to everyday life, for example cars take in oil. Cars are now used my human life every single day.

* Also many boats use oil

* Some power sources take oil as a resource into the power production.
Do you have to mine for toys or video games? Most likely not, but people do mine for oil which gives you the car you use.
Oil is nonrenewable, so you need to do your part in conserving it. Why it comes from stuff that died millions of years ago
What important events are in the timeline of the geological and human stories of this geoscenario?
Today we have prepared a 1 minute movie of the timeline of our geoscenario and human experiences with oil. The movie consists of various pictures with sub headings of the date and what happened
Oil helps with are evreyday lives like telivision and cars
What will happen?
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