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Luis Corpus

Slide Portfolio

Luis Corpus

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Luis Corpus

Click on any image to begin. To zoom out, click outside the image
or use the zoom panel to the right. Luis Corpus
corpus080@yahoo.com The Dumb Thumb, Lithograph, 30X22, 2007 Self-Portrait, Serigraph, 12X6, 2007 La Llorona y Sus Hijos, Serigraph, 13X9, 2006 The Birth of Vanity, Serigraph, 13X9, 2006 Cleo Reclining, Charcoal on Paper, 52X36, 2007 Baby's First Mugshots, Graphite and String on Paper, 14X9, 2010 La Chavela, Charcoal on Paper, 36X36, 2009 Untitled, Charcoal and Chalk on Masonite, 48X 32, 2009 Manuel Corpus, Charcoal and Chalk on Stained Paper, 32X24, 2008 Untitled, Charcoal on Paper, 32X48, 2009 Bien Machin, Charcoal and Chalk on Stained Paper, 32X24, 2008 She Must Be From Tennessee, Charcoal on Paper, 48x32, 2009 Self-Portrait, Oil on Masonite, 48X32, 2009 Self-Portrait, Oil on Masonite, 48X32, 2009 Los Ninos, Oil on Canvas, 52X76, 2009 5 My Shadow, 32X24, Oil on Masonite, 2007 Untitled, Oil on Masonite, 30X30, 2009 Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 36X24, 2009 Poised, Graphite and Acrylic on Masonite, 24X18, 2007 Harbor Bridge, 12X12, Oil on Masonite, 2009 Prints Drawings Paintings
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