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Three Gorges Dam

World Studies Asia project


on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam More cons than pros. -More drought, less rain
-Risk of waterborne disease
-Killing rare animals and plants map of the Yangtze River -Millions of people displaced
-Bad reputation for China
-Compensation for people: under $7/month
-Human rights violations There are some pros... by Shilpa and
Jasmine! :) project! The Three Gorges Dam sits on the Yangtze river. ...and economic problems.. -Corruption
-Spiraling Costs
-Bad trade relations Human rights violations:
-Unfair labor conditions
-1.2 million people forced to dislocate, with nowhere to go Social impacts... ...environmental impacts... WHY?? What is the Three Gorges Dam? It is the world's largest hydropower project ...in China ... but are they worth it? -prevent and control floods along Yangtze River
-provide hydroelectric power -Yangtze River has a major flood every 10 years, and the 1998 flood in this area led to 4000 deaths, 14 million without homes, and economic disasters.
-This led to the proposal for Three Gorges Dam. -Prevent from constant flooding
-1 million people died during a period of 100 years of flooding
-Dam will protect 15 million people and 1.5 acres from floods -Three Gorges Dam will provide hydroelectric power to China's growing population.
-Provides 3% of the nation's energy needs but will soon be the major provider of energy for China as well as producing most hydroelectric power in the world. Why is hydroelectric power needed? -China has largest energy consumption in world, expecially of coal.
-High energy consumption means China produces second most amount of greenhouse gas. -Coal supplies for 2/3 of energy needs
-Dam will provide renewable energy
-Coal is nonrenewable and creates lots of pollution Hydroelectric power is more environmentally friendly. More people, more energy needed. Changes in the river -China has about 1.34 billion people and 20% world’s population
-Population grew 5.84% from 2000 to 2010 Coal Consumption Overall situation:
Is the project worth it, do pros and cons balance each other out or more negative effects? Who is right? We think that benefits do not outweigh negative impacts.
The environmental consequences will make lasting marks in the country and the benefits are only hopeful because hydroelectric power and flood control are unsure to be successful.
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