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Italy & U.S.A constitution comparison.

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Leonardo Elia

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Italy & U.S.A constitution comparison.

Comparing Italy's Constitution to The U.S.A's Constitution Italy's Constitution U.S.A's Constitution both Italy's Constitution was first complete on 22 December 1947, with 453 votes for the constitution and 62 against. Italy's Constitution was amended 13 times total. U.S.A's Constitution was completed on the 7th of December 1787 and like Italy's constitution the U.S.A's was amended many times. (27 amendments total) Both countries have a constitution that has been amended more than 5 times. Both countries have seperation of powers Italy's form of government is a Republic, as written in Italian above. The Untited States form of government is a federal republic. Italy's seperation of powers has the Judicial, Executive and the Legislative Seperation of Powers Legislative Executive Judicial In italy the legislative branch consists of the Senate. In the house there are 315 seats total. Members are elected by vote, the election becomes complete after identifying the winning combined number in each region. All members of the house stay for a five year term, but only five senators serve for life, those five individuals are appointed by the president of the Republic, which in Italy is Giorgio Napolitano. The election for the president had 543 votes in favor. Just to note, Italy's last election was held between the 13 and 14 of august 2008 this means that the next election will be held in April 2013 which is going to be next year. the executive branch mostly holds the cheif of state, (The cheif of state is a representative of the individuals country) and in Italy this individual is Giorgio Napolitano. another thing that the executive branch consists of is the head of government. The cheif of state is ellected by an ellectoral college, which has both houses of the parliament and 58 representatives per region they all stay for exactly a 7 years total. Just to note, The head of government currently got elected in 2011, and his name is Mario Monti. the judicial branch does not contain many individuals, it consists of 15 judges, 1/3 of them is appointed by the president, 1/3 elected by the supreme court and 1/3 by the parliament, and all of them serve for 5 year term Both countries have a president. Like in Italy, the United States has a president, and the president (unless resigned) serves for a total of 4 years, also the president is voted by the people and the final decision for who becomes president is chosen by looking at the highest combined number of votes from every state. Just to note; The presidential elections for the United States were held recently and eventually ended re-electing president Obama. Although the votes were tight throughout the elections, president Obama ended up winning with a much higher number than the other candidate, Mitt Romney. President Barack Obama current re-elected president The current Italian president is named Giorgio Napolitano. In italy the president (unless resigned) is expected to stay for a 7 year term and is elected by a secret ballot, (for people that dont know what a ballot is; a ballot is a process of voting, usually in secret). Voting in secret is a system used so that a voter's choice in an election or a general vote is hidden. This is the current Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano. The difference between a federal republic and a republic is that a federal republic is made up of both state governments and a national government.
this is a way to stay away from large power coming from the president. Italy's individual rights are almost the same as the United States ones, the italian individual rights say that all citizens have the right to assemble peacfully and unarmed. For any general meeting including some held in places people have no public access, no notice is needed. For meetings held in general public places some notice must be given (any notice has to be turned in to any authorities). Other individual rights similar to the united states are; Everyone is free to go after any religious belief. Press may not be controlled or censored. both have individual rights The United States individual rights are all insured in the bill of rights, the bill of rights promotes every citizens rights. Also, the bill of rights contains important rights like such as; The right to bare arms, the right to assemble peacefully, freedom of speech, press may not be controlled or censored. these rights listed also go for the italians individual rights except for the right to bare arms.
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