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The Wire - Concept Mapping Project

No description

Rolando Rodriguez

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Wire - Concept Mapping Project

Broken Institutions
The Police & The Streets
Season one
Season two
Season four
SW 495/595
Crystal Simmons
Dalia Wimberly
Sharonda Eggleton
Rolando Rodriguez
School Policy


Juvenile Justice
Peer Relationships
War on Drugs
A campaign of law enforcement, prohibition, foreign military aid set up to discourage production, distribution of drugs.
Use of federal funding and reallocation of funds for police to combat drugs on a local, state and federal level.
Influences decision making
The desire to belong
Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1964
Effect on Policing & Chain of Command.
Socioeconomic Effects of Drug War
CNN- The War on Drugs, 40 Years Later
Further altered incentives of police by permitting law enforcement departments to keep proceeds of forfeited assets from drug arrests.
The "drug war" has created an law enforcement institutions that are focused on obtaining convictions and arrests, and not concentrating on prevention. This creates a police leadership that focuses and pushes this agenda of increased arrests and convictions.
Combination of forfeiture laws (like the Comprehensive Control Act of 1984) and federal drug war aid money create strong incentives that make police departments concentrate on drug arrests and incarceration at the expense of other strategies (investigation of non-drug crimes, drug education and treatment).
Support of peers to provide protection (Shin, 2007)
Can increase the level of student engagement
Drug war and gang war money is a burden on taxpayers.
Institutions (police & courts) based on arrests and obtaining convictions has created a system of mass incarceration.
African Americans and Latinos are disproportionately punished for drugs and have higher rates of incarceration.
Incarceration for nonviolent drugs can ruin someone's life, as it can make employment difficult and makes an individual inelegible for federal student loans.
Successful teachers of African American students create a caring community, believe teaching is their calling, and have high expectations for their students (Love and Kruger, 2005)
Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1984
Fair Sentencing Act
Community Policing
War on Gangs
Drug War Effect on Community
Process of development and understanding where one begins to ask the question "Who am I"
Context plays an important role in this process
Influenced by race/ethnicity, gender, social class, peer influence, sexual orientation,school, etc.
Stigma of Poverty
Criticisms of Hope VI
Section 8
Social Welfare
Hope VI Program
Public Housing
Federal, state, and local initiatives and programs to promote student achievement, teacher accountability, and competition like NCLB and standardized testing are often criticized for their focus on increasing test scores.
Created disparity between charges for crack cocaine and cocaine.
Intended to target high level drug dealers, but instead ends up targeting low level dealers (hoppers, lookouts, couriers)
crack cocaine
Targets African Americans, as 80% of crack offense defendants are African American, while 66% of crack cocaine users are White or Hispanic.
The focus on "teaching to the test" and not the whole child increases the Achievement Gap between white students and students of color
years minimum sentence
Low level juvenile hopper getting arrested
Top down approach that leaves many teachers frustrated
Obama signed on August 3, 2010.
Reduces disparity between crack cocaine and cocaine charges.
Imposes bigger penalties on high level drug dealers.
Gangbuster bill- Authorized funding to support police efforts against gang violence and collecting gang intelligence on all levels (federal, state, local).
"War on drugs" efforts have caused a reduction of community policing.
Community oriented policing focuses on instilling a sense of community and relationship w/ police.
U.S. Dept. of Justice defines as "Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime."
Proposes that police and public can be more productive at solving community problems, lowering crime, and enhancing security all while giving voice to the community.
Social studies and science are overshadowed by tested subjects like math and reading.
When mothers & fathers are incarcerated, families are negatively affected. Resources and support are drastically reduced.
This lack of income often forces youth to turn to gangs & the lucrative drug trade.
Incarcerations put these individuals & communities at higher risk for unemployment, poverty, continued incarceration, and increasing high school dropout rates.
Curriculum decisions by teachers should speak to the needs and interests of students.
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy bridges the gap between home, culture, and school. It values the experiences and interests of students as a means to make instruction and learning relevant.
In 1974, Congress authorized Section 8 and it gave elgible citizens access to rental subsidies in certain identified locations
Rental Voucher Program added in Community Development Act of 1987 which allowed families more options in housing.
Teachers should be culturally competent.
1962 Equal Opportunity in Housing was one of U.S. governments first attempts to combine civil rights and housing programs.
Fair Housing Act of 1968 prohibits discrimination in the sale, financing of houses.
Culturally relevant pedagogy is "a theoretical model that not only addresses student achievement but also helps students to accept and affirm their cultural identity while developing critical perspective that challenge inequities that schools (and other institutions) perpetuate" (Ladson-Billings, 1995, pg. 469)
the role of parents in school and home based activities
Parents can be actively engaged or not in the daily activities of their children lives. This includes reading to children, helping with homework and school projects, volunteering in schools, participating in sports, etc.(Taliaferro Lecture, 2012).
Several barriers and past schooling experiences may prevent or hinder some parents in actively participating in school related matters such as lack of transportation, feeling of inadequacy, time, limited knowledge, etc. (Taliaferro Lecture, 2012).
Program designed to revitalize poor and deteriorated public housing.
-Create sustainable communities
-Revitalize homes to improve surrounding communities
-Lower concentration of low income homes
Program has been known for high funding for demolition of poor condition housing. This results in a dramatic loss of available housing in affected communities.
Roots from Social Security Act in 1935 by FDR, and was a response to the Great Depression
Created social insurance programs for the certain retired workers and for unemployment.
Lack of extensive data on outcomes of Hope VI program effectiveness.
Limited meaningful opportunities for resident participation after application stage.
Society often views people in poverty as undeserving of help b/c of laziness, criminality, and drug addiction issues.
Creates a view point that stresses those in poverty as "problems" rather than "people with problems"
Perceptions by society that those living in poverty are choosing to do so.
Produces communities that do not have any sense of responsibility or duty to help those most affected and living in poverty.
(NPR, 2007) (Bullington, B., 1990)
(Benson, Rasmussen, & Sollars, 1995)
(Benson, Rasmussen, & Sollars, 1995)
(Oliver, 2001) (Drug Policy Alliance, n.d.)
(Blumenson & Nilsen,1998)
Policing for Profit
Eric Sterling wrote the Reagan law, now slams it
Operation Community Shield
(ACLU, 2006)
(ACLU, 2006)
(ACLU, 2006)
(ACLU, 2006)
(Lee, 2010)
(Lee, 2010)
(Lee, 2010)
Floor Discussion of Fair Sentencing Act (R. Paul)
(USDOJ , n.d.)
(Goetz, 1995)
(Bayley & Skolnick, 1998)
(Goetz, 1995)
Discussion of community police in The Wire
Retrieved from ACLU
(Pearson & Joseph, 2002)
(Pearson & Joseph, 2002)
(Pearson & Joseph, 2002)
Costs of the Drug War
(Drug Policy Alliance, n.d.)
(Drug Policy Alliance, n.d.)
(Drug Policy Alliance, n.d.)
(Drug Policy Alliance, n.d.)
(Social Security Administration, n.d.)
(Social Security Administration, n.d.)
Cleveland Local Speaks on Poverty Stigma
U.K. First Hand Opinions On Poverty Stigma
(Halseth & Ryser , 2010)
(Kornblum, 1984)
(US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, n.d.)
What is Section 8?
(US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, n.d.)
(US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, n.d.)
(Popkin, Katz, Cunningham, Brown, Gustafson, & Turner, 2004)
(Popkin, Katz, Cunningham, Brown, Gustafson, & Turner, 2004)
(Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Sherwood Research Associates, & Everywhere and Now Public Housing Residents Organizing Nationally Together, 2002)
Murphy Home demolition News Clip
Murphy Homes demolition in The Wire
Minimum Wage
Earned Income Tax Credit
Social Security Income
Section 8 Housing
Food Stamps
Retrieved from ACLU

"Over time, there has been a significant increase in the
number of alternative schools. This increase includes: charter
schools; court schools; detention schools; magnet
schools; day treatment and educational centers; residential
schools; schools-without-walls; alternative learning centers;
and second chance schools" (Gable et al., 2006, pg.7)
Designed to provide services and opportunities for students not succeeding in the traditional classroom
Season 3
"When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more" (Education Week, 2004).
Public Perception
Trainings provided by school districts to enhance the skills and knowledge of teachers.
Power vs. Influence
Topics include current educational and curriculum issues such as teacher student relationships, poverty, student discipline, integrating technology, etc.
Legislative Process
Often criticized for expensive costs and lack of supportive data (Education Week, 2011).
Crime Policy
Bargaining Chips
Political Capital
Disconnect between Professional Development and Policy
Large sweeping reforms are highly unusual in bureaucratic systems.
Bureaucratic systems are characterized by defined policies and protocols in combination with a clear hierarchy.
Mobilizing community members and providing resources for them to improve themselves.
Small (incremental) policy changes over time occur much more commonly.
Bureaucracies serve a protective function for those in the organization and those the organizations serves.
However, bureaucracies have a reputation of being rigid and difficult to navigate (red tape.)
Child Labor
Mary Ellen Case of 1874 1st documented child abuse case
"Black constituencies have not advanced at all under black mayors." -Jerome Scott
Crime policy issues are critical factors in politician's careers.
Bunny Colvin's extreme solution back-fired.
The challenges that face big city black mayors are not much removed from those that face big city white mayors. But since black constituents tend to view their victorious black mayors as bona fide heroes, the expectation level is different. Black mayors often win because of expectations that they will improve the day-to- day lives of the black poor. When they fail, the early luster of heroism may wear off. (Page, 1990)
The recent arrest of Councilman Osvaldo Conde fuels the L.A. County community's concerns over endemic political corruption.
Senator Clay Davis was involved in several illegal activities that corrupted his political reputation.
The State of Maryland is required to pass a balanced budget.
Baltimore City's budget must be balanced too. This added to Carcettis's budget woes stemming from the shortage in the school system.
However, Colvin's premise was not too far off the mark from New York Mayor Cuomo's position. http://politic365.com/2012/06/04/the-war-on-drugs-the-cuomo-way/
For many politicians in The Wire, Social and Economic issues are used are bargaining chips.
"It's hard to turn a train."
Active support of an idea, cause, etc. for and individual or group.
Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse
Substance Abuse
The favorable image of a public figure by virtue of his or her position, and also by pursuing popular policies, achieving success with initiatives and performing favors for other politicians.
Learning should be scaffold to make effective and meaningful connections
The collective value of all "social networks" and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other.
substance abuse
Economic Bifurcation
Human Trafficking
Drug Smuggling
Labor Unions
Drop out Rates
Maryland At A Glance http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/01glance/html/govern.html
Spacial Mismatch
Urban working poor
(Jordan Institute of Families, 2007)
"Racketeering is the act of operating an illegal business or scheme in order to make a profit, perpetrated by a structured group. It is a broad category of criminal acts that includes bribery, sexual exploitation of children, and illegal gambling, among many others. Racketeering is closely associated with organized crime, since both are conducted by groups" (Wise Geek, 2012).
"A process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology"(Globalization, 2012).
"Capitalism is a social system based on the principle of individual rights. Politically, it is the system of laissez-faire (freedom). Legally it is a system of objective laws (rule of law as opposed to rule of man). Economically, when such freedom is applied to the sphere of production its’ result is the free-market" (Capitalism, 2011).
In the wire, the dock workers experienced consistent layoffs, which effected their moral.
"#1 The United States has lost approximately 42,400 factories since 2001.

#2 Dell Inc., one of America’s largest manufacturers of computers, has announced plans to dramatically expand its operations in China with an investment of over $100 billion over the next decade.

#3 Dell has announced that it will be closing its last large U.S. manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in November. Approximately 900 jobs will be lost.

#4 In 2008, 1.2 billion cellphones were sold worldwide. So how many of them were manufactured inside the United States? Zero.

#5 According to a new study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, if the U.S. trade deficit with China continues to increase at its current rate, the U.S. economy will lose over half a million jobs this year alone" (The Economics Collapse, 2010).
"the reduction or destruction of a nation's or region's industrial capacity" (Merriam-Websters Dictionary, 2012).
"What does it mean to be poor? If it means living at or below the poverty line, then 15 percent of Americans -- some 46 million people -- qualify" (Eichler, 2012).
"The gap between the rich and the poor..." (Talieferro Lecture 2012)
"Mismatch between where jobs are and workers are" (Talieferro Lecture, 2012).
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