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Business Culture in Mexico

No description

Alysha Beaudin

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Business Culture in Mexico

Business Dress Code Mexico Report on Business Culture and Protocol It is important to schedule business meetings in advance and one must confirm them when they arrive in Mexico.
It is popular for business meetings to occur over lunch in Mexico.
They may last up to several hours.
Breakfast meetings are popular as well. They establish a personal relationship between business partners.
Business is hardly ever conducted on weekends because that time is set aside for family.
Developing personal relationships is key when conducting business in Mexico. Business is conducted in a more social venue.
It is best you offer to pay for the bill even if you were invited. It is appropriate to call business professionals by their title.
It is appropriate to address colleagues by calling them by their last name.
First names are only used when the relationship is well established.
Gifts are not always given prior to meetings but they are always appreciated.
Exchanging business cards is an important part of doing business in Mexico. It is important to give business cards to all professionals present not just the senior executives.
It is important to address a business professional in Mexico by his or her last name. For doctors and teachers it is appropriate to use "doctor" or "teacher" before their last name. Note Open signs of emotion are used by Mexicans.
If you are interrupted during a meeting, it is just a sign of active engagement.
Loud speaking is also used during discussion so don't be offended.
High emotion is a sign of commitment and interest. Meeting times are not always exact. It should not be taken to offense if business meetings do not start precisely on time.
Meetings end on time even if there is still more business to discuss.
When attending a social gathering or event do not arrive at the exact time of it. A half an hour late is the appropriate time for guests to arrive. Religion Mexico has no official religion but almost 90% of Mexicans are Roman Catholic.
The weekend is not a good time of the week to conduct business in Mexico because that is reserved for family time.
Do not schedule business meetings on statuary holidays. On these holidays employees are entitled to a day off with regular pay. Also public and private schools are closed on these days. This means business men have the opportunity to spend time with their families. Contracts Language Conducting Business in Mexico Business Greetings & Protocol Time Orientation The official language in Mexico is Spanish.
In Mexico, English is gradually being spoken more often but it is risky to assume potential business partners will be fluent in the language.
If you speak Spanish you will be at great advantage while doing business in Mexico.
Translators may be necessary in order to communicate if one cannot speak Spanish fluently.
Mexico is considered a high-context culture. In Mexico they are less verbally explicit. There is less written and formal communication. Silent Language It is important to make eye contact while doing business in Mexico but note that Mexicans may not make direct eye contact for long periods of time.
Giving a gift is seen as polite if invited into a home.
People stand much closer to each other. Business contracts in Mexico are written out and signed by businesses.
Senior executives sign contracts.
They are 'set in stone.'
In Mexico, personal relationships are valued. Therefore a business contract would not be signed until trust has been established between business partners. Works Cited 1) http://www.amcham.org.mx/memberservices/doing_business_in_mexico.aspx

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8) http://www.mexgrocer.com/business-in-mexico.html# It is expected that one dresses in a professional manner while doing business in Mexico. Suits are always worn in the capital city (Mexico city). Smart shirts and slacks can be worn in other cities. It's vital to be dressed appropriately during business and social gatherings in Mexico.
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