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Ralph's Story

No description

Aiderah Yusof

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Ralph's Story

Anne Fine CHAPTER 5: RALPH'S STORY PRESENT BY: hanis nabilah nur afifah
nur aiderah meor syazwan
hamzah Ralph's parents are divorced.
His mother marries Howard. His father marries Annabel RESOLUTION Annabel runs off and Stepmother Number Two, Janet, moves in with her four children
After a while, Janet is fed up with Ralph's parents because she think she was taken advantage of them and leaves them. Ralph meets Stepmother Number Three, Flora.
She does not act like a stepmother but takes Ralph out for a meal and movie and keeps him out late. Flora is expecting a baby.
Ralph starts reading baby books to help her taking care of her baby when she give birth. Ralph's brother warn him that Flora might leave like other stepmother.
Ralph is hopeful that it will be third time luckyfor them. CHARACTER RALPH Quick-witted
Understanding of his family situation
Flexible for he is able to adjust to his ever changing family situation quite quickly
Outspoken and honest
Intelligent and observant
loving and helpful toward Flora MUM Hardworking
Responsible mother
Loving wife to his second husband, Howard
Can be sly and cunning - secretly puts in clothes for Janet to launder
A caring mother to her three sons
Tolerates all her ex-husband's three wives after their divorce HOWARD Marries Ralph's mother after her divorce
A pleasant man
Get along well with his three stepsons
Able to compromise with his wife EDWARD Ralph's brother
Is sometimes annoyed with his father GEORGE Playful
like to eat
friendly DAD Weak for he allows his wives to run the house without his input
A seemingly uncaring and insensitive father
Not a good husband as he failed in three marriages
Seems to make an effort with latest girlfriend, Flora ANNABEL Unreasonable in her ways
Bossy and domineering as she expects everyone to follow her eating habits
Does not like people to disagree with her
Leaves her husband for someone whom she thinks is a better man JANET Ralph second stepmother
Has four children of her own
Rigid with rules and regulations
Bossy for she expects everyone to live by her rules
Fussy and neat FLORA Close to Ralph's age
Totally disorganized
Does whatever she pleases
Has poor housekeeping skills
Has no knowledge about taking care of baby but willing to learn SETTING time: the story are told in flashbacks location: mum and Howard's house
dad's house
cinema coffee shop
school social: modern 20th century English society - separation and divorce are common
children of broken homes have to adjust to changes such as two homes, stepparent and stepsibling MORAL VALUES LOVE Ralph's dad love his wive, Annabel so much that he sees no fault in her RESPONSIBLE Ralph do his part to maintain happiness in his respective families
Ralph reads baby books so that he can take good care of his coming half sibling MUTUAL RESPECT Ralph likes and respects Flora although she is close to Ralph's age BEING REASONABLE Annabel expect everyone to eat the food she likes
This is unreasonable as everyone has different tastes
As a result, her stepsons do not like her very much
Janet makes life at home like living in prison
This make her stepsons hate coming over TRUST Flora has such good rapport with Ralph for she trusts him
When she is expecting a baby, he reads books to help her prepare for the baby hanis nabilah nur afifah
nur aiderah meor syazwan
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