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Skoda Auto

Marketing Strategy Final Project

CJ Chuapoco

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Skoda Auto

As current customers mature, gain wealth, and get higher paying jobs they may “outgrow” their first Skoda and want to trade up.
Skoda needs to be there as higher end option when this happens
Lauren Arizmendi
CJ Chuapoco
Keenan Timko
{innovation} {line extension} SKODA AUTO hi! Why High End? Why Low End? New car customers want the best car possible for the least amount of money.
Skoda is being challenged by companies like Renault that offer inexpensive, good-value vehicles. Skoda is no longer dominant in the low-cost category.

Skoda is still a low-cost brand that makes cars that can deliver high satisfaction

Skoda is a lifelong brand that grows with its customers changing needs

Skoda is constantly innovating and manufacturing the future with new technologies {communicate} "The E-Up! is characterized by a reduced, very clear and yet highly emotional design. The new concept is therefore very much in harmony with its stylistic 'siblings' of the New Small Family, the Roadster BlueSport and the new Polo." - Klauss Bischoff, Chief Designer of Volkswagen Brand VW Electric Car Model
Concept developed in 2007
Frankfurt Motor Show debut in 2009
Planned in 2013 (or earlier) Boutique Dealerships Meet demand for B-Segment cars
B-Segment expected to grow in the coming years
Ideal for first-time car buyers looking for cheap cars
Introduce to Europe and expand to markets abroad Appeal to affluent customers by introducing an entry-level luxury car in the D-Segment
Will feature design, compactness, interior, and VW engineering, all for a reasonable Skoda price
Retail Boutique Showrooms:
Locate in metro areas
Emphasize Skoda as a lifestyle product
Use contemporary ambiance
Show the history of Skoda D-Segment Customer:
Affluent, educated individuals who have achieved success
Usually age 35 to 60
Looking for a status symbol, but practical
Wants a car for the family
Experiential Marketing Creative Rattler 1 B-Segment Customer:
Limited income, could be a student, blue-collar, or multicar households
Typically a first-time buyer
Looking for a practical, low-cost car
Price conscious and concerned with gas consumption
{innovation} {line extension}
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