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Fake news and moral panics

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Fake news and moral panics

Critical perspectives - "fake news" and Moral Panics
This isn't helped by Donald Trump and other public figures repeating fake news stories.
What is Fake News?
"Fake news" has been discussed a lot in the news recently following the American election.

What is fake news? Well, unlike satirical sites such as The Poke and The Onion, which don't fall into this category,
fake news websites intentionally publish fraudulent, hoax or factually inaccurate news stories. They will also plagiarise legitimate news stories from other sites, but change the headlines to something more sensationalist in order to draw in readers. Fake news is often shared on social media.
Moral panics in the media
Stanley Cohen 1972

"A condition, episode, person, or groups of persons that emerged to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests"

Moral Panics begin when there a projection of fears that surround a particular group or thing. The media heavily influences and fuels those panics via films, TV, the news, radio and other media means.
Links between your NDM work and fake news
Fake news might be relevant if there is a NDM question about the negative effects of social media.
Identities - make sure that you have some contemporary issues for your identities focus group
Because of fake news, some people claim we are living in a "post truth" era where facts don't matter.
Further reading....
Go to the blog and read some of the articles on "fake news"

A slightly scary development with "fake news" is that
legitimate and traditional media sources are now accused of being fake when they say something that people don't like.
Critical perspectives
Post modernism
Post feminism
Liberal pluralism
Celebrity culture
Reality television
Queer theory
How Moral Panics work
(1) Isolated incident made out to be a threat
(2) Disproportionate reaction from media
(3) Results in social change

Public views a threat as more dangerous and/or imminent than it is in actuality
The kidnapping of Sarah Payne in 2000 by a sex offender created a moral panic about paedophiles. This lead to many social changes such as "Sarah's Law" which means you can find out if anyone on the sex offender's register lives near you.
Can you find an example of a moral panic in the media?
Find examples of how it was covered and how it has changed society.
Media debates question
Can online media ever be trustworthy?
(12 marks)
Unseen practice
How are media language techniques used to make the two media products appear
believable and authoritative? (8 marks)
Media concept question
P - One way that media language is used to make product one seem authoritative....



L - check you are answering the question
Media concepts question feedback
Talk about both products
Give specific examples
Think about the effect on the audience
Apply more theory
Good Practice
Media product two intertextualises the visual aspects of a broadsheet newspaper in order to appear believable and authoritative. An example of his is the use of dull and serious colours and the exclusion of adverts and sidebars. This is significant because it gives the website the appearance of a broadsheet newspaper. This means that the audience could associate all the ideologies of papers like The Guardian to this website. The appearance therefore means the audience has a preconception that the website will be serious and believable.
Media debates question
How successful are audiences in using new and digital media to represent themselves?
You may refer to other media products
Talk about the products and OTHER examples
Think about more than one point of view
Apply media concept theory
Think about different critical perspectives
Let's think about the two products first
User generated content
Now look for other examples.....
Fake news
Echo chamber
What are the advantages and disadvantages for audiences of media products that do not rely on advertising, government or business funding?
You SHOULD refer to other media products
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