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Team Direction

No description

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Team Direction

The Effects of the Internet on Reading Skills
Convincing article
Links are listed for continued reading
Pictures enhance the article
Most credible article
Adolescent Literacy: What's Technology Got to Do With It?
Overall Presentation
Digital Dragons
The Refutables

Thesis Statement
Both sides stated their assessments to be knowledgeable for their given argument,
The Digital Dragons
supporting and
The Refutables
opposing the topic,
"Technology through the internet, has contributed to an increase in literacy skills.”.
However, we declare the winner to be
The Digital Dragons
and will now present our analysis of the cited research, as well as the overall presentation from both sides.
Various creditable sources
Thorough and accurate information
Reputable institution and a leader in their field
Least credible article
Using the Internet to
Develop Literacy Skills
Generic information
No sources or citations
Copyrighted by Knoji
Positive Aspects
Their points were accurate and developed.
Several credible articles were used that enhanced and supported the presentation.
The presentation was visually appealing and kept the interest of the audience.
Negative Aspects
Information in several of the articles was quite generic.
The use of the dictionary.com definitions negatively affected the score of the presentation.
The presentation got a little off topic at one point.
Most credible article
Least credible article
What are the negative effects of the Internet and technology
Blank page for the author
No sources or citations
Younger site
Small portion of the article was on topic
Overall Presentation
Positive Aspects
The presentation was organized, well thought out, and did not contain any grammar mistakes.
The use of photos in the presentation made it visually appealing.
All of the photos were properly cited on the slides.
Negative Aspects
There were a few small instances of getting off of the topic.
The slides did not contain a citation of the article being referenced.
One of the articles that was used was not in the team's Diigo list.
Team Direction Contributions
Michelle Blakey
- Researched articles, Alternate Presenter, Writer

Gavin Butler

- Researched articles, Presenter, Helped with Prezi

Jason Harter
- Helped with Prezi

Manuel Moyet

- Researched articles, Writer, Editor, Helped with Prezi

Kelvin Reid

- Researched articles, Presenter, Editor, Helped with Prezi

Jennifer Thatcher
Team Lead, Researched articles, Alternate Presenter, Helped with Prezi
To conclude our presentation, we would like to thank both teams for researching the given topic and for their slide presentations. While the research for both teams was well done, the credibility of the articles for
The Digital Dragons
scored a little higher and
The Refutables
veered off topic just a little bit more, which gave
The Digital Dragons
the advantage. Through this project, we have all come to realize the importance of the credibility of an article, online or in print, when doing research.
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