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The Selkirk Settlement

No description

C. Manifold

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of The Selkirk Settlement

The Selkirk Settlement
What does this company do?
Because all the local kids are given shoes--a local woman, selling shoes for $2 a pair no longer sells any shoes and she and her family go hungry that night.
Louise’s thin canvas shoes are torn now. The shoe seller no longer has a job and the shoemaker has stopped making shoes. The village is now worse off than before. There are no shoes and no jobs...
Selkirk's Plan
Selkirk learned that the soil in the Red River Valley was especially fertile.

He also knew that it was costly for the HBC to ship food from England to feed employees in the Northwest.

Selkirk realizes that he could solve the problems of both the crofters and the HBC by establishing a farming
colony on the Red River Valley.
Suzanne is a high school student in Vancouver. She runs a campaign at her high school asking classmates to buy Tom’s shoes. At Suzanne’s high school 60 students buy Tom’s shoes.
Liberal Democrat: In the nineteenth century, someone who fought for the rights of the underprivileged.

Selkirk uses his fortune to purchase land in the colony and create agricultural colonies for the crofters.

Selkirk wanted to help everyone...
Scotland, 1800s
At this time many poor Scottish tenant farmers (crofters) were evicted from their land.
The landowners wanted the land for sheep grazing as wool was more profitable.
Lord Selkirk is a Scottish liberal democrat who wants to help the “crofters”
60 pairs of Tom’s shoes are shipped to Haiti.
Louise, a little girl in Haiti, gets a pair of Tom’s Shoes. So do most of the kids at her school.
The woman goes to see the shoemaker and says she can no longer sell his shoes. When she arrives many other shoe sellers are at the factory to tell the shoemaker same story. The shoemaker no longer has anyone to sell his shoes so he shuts his factory down.
: What are the unintended consequences of this good action?
Selkirk's Grant
In 1811 Selkirk convinces the HBC to give him 300, 000 square kilometers of land: Selkirk’s Grant

Selkirk and HBC feel they have a legal right to the territory because it was part of Rupert’s Land.
What might be some unintended consequences of Lord Selkirk’s plan? How is Selkirk an “unrealistic idealist?”
Idealist: a person who is guided more by ideals than by practical considerations.
Arrival at Red River
In 1812 the first set of Scottish and Irish settlers arrived in the Red River

The settlers were led by ex-militia officer Miles Macdonnell.

The settlers faced very difficult climate conditions and their crops failed.
Pemmican Proclamation
Fearing crops might fail again, Macdonell issued the Pemmican Proclamation

Pemmican Proclamation
: Issued in 1814 to prevent the export of pemmican from the Red River Valley

How do you think the Métis reacted? The NWC?
Battle of Seven Oaks
The Métis were inspired to fight for their land, given a sense of identity

1816, after the HBC burned an empty NWC post and a party of Métis led by Grant raided HBC boats, there was a confrontation between the Métis and Semple (HBC)
The Metis split in 2 groups and surrounded Semple and his 28 men

Grant attempted a parley...

The parley attempt failed & a colonist fired at the Métis

A gunfight began and within 15 minutes it was over

Semple and 20 of his men were killed, only 1 Métis died

This became known as the Battle of Seven Oaks
But, the Métis call it the Victory at Frog Plain
What happened?
Should battles have only one name?

Is history always written by the victors?
Shape of the Day
Selkirk Settlement: How can good actions lead to unintended consequences?
1. Understand the significance of the Selkirk grant
2. Analyze historical actors who have good intentions with unintended consequences
3. Be aware of the Pemmican Proclamation
4. Recognize the significance of the Battle of Seven Oaks
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