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Angel Beats

A prezi about the Anime Angel Beats

Amber Beverly

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Angel Beats

Angel Beats An Anime What is it about? Angel Beats is about high school kids that somehow find themselves in the afterlife. Angel Beats is the story of them trying not to be 'incinerated.' In Angel Beats, there is a band called Girls Dead Monster - They use them for their 'diversion' tactics, mostly operation Tornado. The Enemy Throughout Angel Beats, there is usually an enemy. In the beginning, it is Angel (Kanade) then they begin to go against 'God' though in the end, they never face him once. Otonashi Otonashi is the real main character of Angel Beats. When he was alive, he took care of his sister who had cancer, and then when she died, he decided to become a doctor. He died after his train crashed when he was going to take college exams. After surviving days while trapped, he succumbed to his injuries. Yurippe Yurippe, Yuri for short, was raised with her parents and siblings. At a young age, her home atrracted theives. When she couldn't bring them anything valuable, they started to kill her siblings, one for every 30 minutes she didn't bring anything back. Characters In the Anime, there are
many main characters, and you see some of their stories. Angel (Kanade) She is called Angel, though she isn't actually one. She is the student body president. Even though much is not revealed about her during the series, you actually learn that she was given Otonashi's heart before she died from the donation. Iwasawa Hinata Hinata was a baseball player in life, and resorted to drugs when he lost a game for his team. Though some think he is gay because of the way he talks, it is hinted througout the series that he and Yui are together. Iwasawa was the main singer of Girls Dead Monster in the first few episodes. When she was alive, she lived with her parent who fought a lot. After discovering a guitar, she realized she wanted to sing forever. One night, a stray bottle from her parent fight hit her in the head and she died the next day. In the anime, she is incinerated after playing 'My Song'. Yui Yui is the second lead singer in Angel Beats. After an accident, in life she was left permanently paralized. She is in the afterlife because all she wants is to be a normal kid. Works Cited Aoto An enemy for a time in Angel Beats. In life, he had a twin brother, but he was never truly seen by his father. At a young age, he died from falling onto a rock, but it never clearly says whether he was the one that died that day, or his brother. He calls himself God often. Zerochan.net
Fanpop.com The End
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