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My stock prestion.

No description

Amy Zhu

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of My stock prestion.

My stock's company
The ticker of Apple.
Ticker: AAPL
The chart of Apple.
The Revenue/sale of Apple.
Revenue/sales: 9/14: 182,795

9/15: 233,715

9/16: 215,639
The profit for AAPL
The profit for AAPL is: 84,263
My stock's project.
Name: Apple.
This chart tells us that AAPL/Apple, is doing okay RIGHT NOW.
The Revenue for AAPL is going down, I think it is because some people think that Apple's stuff is kind of expensive.
It is going up from 15, but it was going down from 2016. I think that is because the stuff from Apple turned more expensive. So a lot of people don't want to buy it.
The analyst rating for Apple
Strong buy: 4
Moderate buy: 2
Hold: 0
Sell: 0
Strong sell:0

I think this shows most of the people like Apple's stuff.
The dividends for Apple
The dividends for Apple is: 2.18.
The news for AAPL
The news for AAPL is that AAPL' s stock is kind of going down
Because: Some people think that Apple's stuff is not that that good, but it was really really expensive, so some people don't use Apple's stuff.
My Recommendation for AAPL
I think you should sell it, because it is keep going down.
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