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LA 10 Honors: Farenheit 451 Project (Sophomore Year)

Olga Laskin

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Infographic

Cellphone Sales How many cell phones are sold each year? 27 million cell phones are sold each year.
Have sales increased with the amount of new phones coming out? There is a 12% increase in sales each year. Laptop Sales How many computers we're sold last year? In 2011, 95.4 million computers we're sold nationwide and 355.2 million globally.
How much money was made off of the sales? In 2011, the U.S. computer sales revenue was $85.5 billion. Globally the revenue was $329 billion.
In what region of the world we're the most computers sold? The top percentage was U.S. with 38.8%. We we're followed by Europe (25%) and Asia-Pacific(11.7%).
What company has sold the most computers? The top selling company in the world is HP with 17.2%. Next is Dell (12.1%), Acer (11.2%) and Apple (10.7%). Into the streets Company
Company Money, Money, Money Production of E-readers What is the security status on the Mac? The Mac is very secure, it has a Macbook clean-up device that shows up when your computer is in danger of virus.
What features are on the Mac? The Mac has many new programs built-in to the laptop such as, GarageBand, Photo Booth and Itunes.
How much does a Mac cost? The most recent Macbook Air at 13in. costs $1199
How much variety is there in design for the Mac? Apple makes nine basic models of Macs.
How popular is the Mac? Only 5% of businesses and schools nationwide use Apple computers.
How fast is the Mac? Avg. Startup: 28.7 sec Avg. Shutdown: 4.0 sec Launch of Internet: 3.3 sec
How many Macs are sold each year? In 2009, 11.2 million Macs we're sold.
How is the compatibility on the Mac? You can run Windows OS on a Mac computer. Mac What is the security status on the PC? The PC is constantly fighting viruses and security problems.
What features are on the PC? The PC is incomparable to the amount of features on the Mac.
How much does a Mac cost? The most recent Toshiba Sattelite 15.6in laptop costs $269.99.
How much variety is there in design for the PC? The PC comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes.
How popular is the PC? About 95% of businesses and schools nationwide use Apple computers.
How fast is the PC? Avg. Startup: 1 min. 13 sec. Avg. Shutdown: 44.3 sec Launch of Internet: 6.3 sec
How many PC are sold each year? In 2009, 300 million Macs we're sold.
How is the compatibility on the PC You can only use Windows programs on the PC. You can't run the Mac OS. PC When was the first laptop created? Adam Osborne produced the Osborne 1 in 1981.
When was the first portable computer released? In 1981, the Epson HX-20, battery powered and portable, was released.
When was the first PC laptop created? The Compaq SLT/286 was released in 1988 by Compaq Computer, and is known as the first PC.
When was the first Mac laptop created? In September 1989, Apple released the firs Macintosh Portable. Production of Computers Mac vs. PC The Age of Technology By Hannah Clauss, Shane Douglas, Natasa Kvesic, and Olga Laskin How many computer
programmers does it take
to change a lightbulb? None. It's a
problem. Heh.
Heh. Nook. iPad, Kindle, and The iPad What makes the iPad unique? The iPad is said to be the most effective e-reader in its visual clarity.
What other features come on the iPad? The iPad has many apps on which you can play games, take pictures, interact with others and surf the internet
What are the dimensions of the screen? 9.5in(height) x 7.31in(width) x 0.37in(depth)
How much does it weigh? 1.44 lbs The Kindle What makes the Kindle unique? The Kindle is the top selling e-reader in the nation.
What other features come on the Kindle? The Kindle has the longest lasting battery life than our other 2. It also has a 4G edition that allows you to watch movies.
What are the dimensions of the screen? 10.4in(height) x 7.2in(width) x 0.38in(depth)
How much does it weigh? 0.52 lbs The Nook What makes the Nook unique? The Nook does not glare when you read in the sun. Also you can take notes in your book without ruining it. Including immediate internet surfing for a word you don't know.
What other features come on the Nook? On the Nook you have a book lending system in which you can lend books to your Nook friends that they then return once they finish reading.
What are the dimensions of the screen? 8.1in(h) x 5in(w) x 0.48in(d)
How much does it weigh? 1.14lbs And the winner is... Kindle iPhone vs. Galaxy iPhone What makes the iPhone unique? It's the top selling phone in the nation.
What are some special features on the iPhone 5? On the iPhone you have Siri, a device that allows you to search and type faster. You also have a preloaded iTunes store along with an App store.
What is the visual clarity on the iPhone? 1136 x 640 pixel resolution
How much does it weigh? 112g
Where is the iPhone 5 sold? At&t, Sprint, and Verizon Galaxy S3 What makes the Galaxy S3 unique? The Galaxy has a larger screen than the iPhone 5.
What are some special features on the Galaxy S3? On the Galaxy S3 instead of using iTunes meant for only Apple, you can go onto Google Play and get apps, music and movies.
What is the visual clarity on the Galaxy S3? 1280 x 720 pixel resolution
How much does it weigh? 133g
Where is the Galaxy S3 sold? T-mobile, At&t, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular And the winner is... iPhone 5 Manufacturing When we're E-readers first made? In 1998, NuroMedia released the first hand-held e-book called, The Rocket.
How did they develop from then? In 2000, PC launched an e-book reader called, The Glassbook. In 2001, Adobe launched the latest e-book, an updated version of Glassbook. At the end of the 2000's e-books gradually became more popular. This increase in popularity launched the iPad, Nook and Kindle. Production of Books When we're books first created? The first record of a book is in 400 AD and was made with papyrus paper.
When was paper created? Paper manufactured in Greece, in the 9th century.
How many books are published now, each year? Over 1 million books are published each year, in the world. Production of Cell Phones How are cell phones made? Each piece of a cell phone is manufactured seperately in different factories. World Population Use How many people in the world use cell phones? In 2010, worldwide, there was about 4.6 billion cell phone subscriptions. This number is still increasing.
How many countries have active cell phone use? Over 60 countries have millions of cell phone users. China is the number one cell phone user, with 1,046,510,000 people. E-Reader Sales Music Which readers sell best? Overall the approximate sales go as follows: iPad 32%, Kindle 47%, Nook 4%, Other 17%
What is the ratio of sales between books and e-readers? 143 Amazon Kindles are sold for every 100 Amazon hardcover books.
How do e-readers affect reading? Reading in 53% of users have gone up while 51% has stayed the same. Also, only 15% of users stop buying hard-cover books.
How many e-readers we're sold last year? In 2011 90.8 million iPads we're sold. Bibliography https://socialmediachimps.com/2012/04/infographic-ebook-readers-book-publishing-industry/
http://www.itok.net/blog/index.php/2011/04/mac-vs-pc/ Music in the Home What age groups are buying iPods? A 2009 survey shows: ages 13-17=46% ages 18-24 23% ages 25-34 12% ages 50-54 2% ages 55-64 3% ages 65+ 2% How many iPods have been sold? Through September 2012, approximately 350 million had been sold. Production
iPods What company manufactures iPods? iPods are manufactured through Foxconn, which is based in Shenzen, China.
Where else are iPod's made? There are factories in Thailand, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines. iPod vs. Sony Walkman iPod When was the first iPod created? The first iPod was unveiled on October 23, 2001.
What makes the iPod unique? Though many have tried, not one company has been able to compete with Apple's, iPod.
Was iTunes launched with it? No. iTunes was launched on April 29, 2003.
What are the dimensions? 110mm x 61.8mm x 8.5mm
How much does it weigh? 4.05 oz. Sony Walkman When was the Sony Walkman created? The Walkman debuted in Japan in 1979 and spread around the world in 1980.
What makes the Sony Walkman unique? The Sony Walkman popularized portable cassette players.
What we're the original dimensions? 130mm x 90mm x 30mm
How much did it weigh? 14 oz. And the winner is... iPod! Home use of e-readers Do you prefer e-readers or books? In a student survey done by Natasa Kvesic, 20 people to 1 enjoyed reading real books rather than e-readers. And the winner is... Mac PC

Special Features





Compatibility The Mac How much money did iTunes make last year? Apple racked up about $4 billion last year. Thats $1 billion more than Warner Music Group, one of the largest music companies in the world. The People of Mac vs. PC users Mac PC Percent of Mac people? In a survey done by hunch.com 25% of people said they we're a "Mac person".
What are the ages of Mac users? About 22% of people are more likely to be ages 18-34 than PC people.
What are the general political views of Mac users? 58% of Mac people are liberal and 52% live in big cities.
What is the rate of college degrees for Mac people? About 67% of Mac users have completed a 4 year degree or more.
How tech-savvy are Mac people? Mac people are 21% more likely to say they are computer-savvy than PC users. Percent of PC people? In a survey done by hunch.com 52% of people said they we're a "PC person".
What are the ages of PC users? About 22% of people are more likely to be ages 35-49 than Mac people.
What are the general political views of PC users? 36% of PC people are liberal and 21% live in rural towns.
What is the rate of college degrees for PC people? About 54% of PC users have completed a 4-year degree or more.
How tech-savvy are PC people? PC people are 43% more likely to say they have struggles with computers than Mac people. Cell-phones in School How much do teens text? Teens send about 400 texts per week, 110 during school.
What amount of teens use their phone during school? 65% of teens use phones during school.
How many students are caught cheating with their phones? Out of 1013 surveyed teens, 84% have phones and use them to store info to cheat on tests in San Fransisco. Out of 32 interviewed high school students... 19 had smart phones
(9 of the smart phones were iPhones) 2 didn't have cell phones 11 had regular cell phones

The companies used we're:
AT&T - 17
Verizon - 6
Sprint - 3
T-Mobile - 3
US Cellular - 1 Texting and Driving How many people are hurt by texting and driving? In America, 25% of all crashes are caused by cell phone use. The toll it takes is horrific.Fifteen people die and 1200 are injured each day on average.
What do people say about their driving? In a self-reported survey on cell phone use in the car, 35.6% of people said never, 34.7% said once, and 25.2% said often.
Is one age group more likely to text and drive than another? 52% of callers are ages 30-60 yrs 40% are 18-29 yrs 8% are 60+
It's fine I'm a good driver. The U.S. has the second highest crash rate due to cell phone use.
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