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computer citythinship

No description

masha maksymova

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of computer citythinship

Computer citizenship
virus is a dangerous program that can break your computer. There are three types of viruses. Normal viruses,worm viruses,and Trojan viruses. To protect yourself from viruses you need to have a special program,like Kirpenski.
Cyberbullying is bulling on internet.Thoagh it's not a physical attack it's still can hurt your feelings. To protect yourself from cyber bullying you need a block like Sharky11.
copyright is a thing that protects authors creative work from another person copying the work.Another person needs permission of copying your work.But copyright can't protect ideas,and concepts.
Email is when you wright a message on
your computer and send it to someone.
Email comes threw server.
It goes to
client. And another person gets your
But don't right anything
Plagiarism is when someone copies someone's work or idea. If you'll do it in school you will have a bad grade. But sometimes you can do it by accident. To avoid plagiarism you need to make your own sentences and ideas.
Internet search
Internet search is when you search your topic on internet. If you want something about your topic you just right it. If you want more specific information you put your topic in parantheseze.If you want more specific information you put what you want to find about your topic and put it with your topic in parentheses.
Online source
When you search on internet be sure your source has no unreal information.s
Some sources are not reliable because other people can log in it, and put not true information. To avoid that you need to look over other sources to check over the information. Also you need to check who is the publisher,who is the author,read about the source, and that kind of information.
is a website written in go
urnal style.Companies use blogs to show there new products.Historic sites would use blogs to post biographys of famous people.You can download a blog and show your talent or ideas.But on blog don't write your full name and something like that.
gital Etiquette.
Digital Etiquette is a set laws on internet that say that people need to be nice to other people on social network on massages or emails.Some people start to be rude to other people on internet or flaming,and it starts flame wars.Digital Etiquette is also about writing your massages or emails clearly so other people don't think something bad about your massage.
is a
Conflict Resolution.
This topic is about that when you get angry about other person doing something,saying words you don't like,or you disagree about something you need to solve the problem in calm way.When you have a talk with other
person and there is something you disagree about you can easily start arguing. For a example you and your brother argue for a book, first you listen why he wants to use a book,and then you say why you want to use a book and if you
Information Privacy.
When you want to download something on internet and it asks for your full name and things like that you better don't write it.Because if it's a hacker and if you'll write what he wants,he can steal your information,steal money from your bank account,and all kinds of bad things.So don't right anything your parents,teacher,don't want to see.
Online Safety.
When you go online
the first rule to
be safe is keep your identify a secret so don't share your personal info on online.When you,ll go to online change your name that will not connect with your real name.The second rule is to be beware of strangers,because some adults can trick kids online.The third rule is to ask an adult if someone bullies you on online,or you can block them or report them to site administraytors.The fourth rule is to keep your password safe.Finally the fifth rule is to be nice to other people online or you'll be kicked of online.
Peer pressure.
Peer Pressure has two meanings.The one is when you want to study hard and practice hard.The other meaning is when you are influinced by the people around.For example you join a group of friends and do all the same as they do.But sometimes you get along with it.The final choise will be after you.You can always pick friends you want.
Social Network.
Social Network is a way of communication on internet.Some focus on intersting topics like music,history,or math.Others have safe places for kids to play games or collect bonuses.But many unite people on internet.When you join a Social Networking site you need to create a profile.On your profile you can post pictures,books,writings,and that kind of stuff.
But don't post anything that is embarrising.
On the site you can chat and send massages.
Digital Citizenship
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