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Breaking free of vanilla education

Education is tied to an antiquated model that treats students like widgets in a factory. The Learning Genome breaks free of this model, customizing learning for EVERY student.

Kelly Tenkely

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Breaking free of vanilla education

Online Degrees Create "base" model graduates. If you HAVE a college degree, ponder this ... Separate the "courses" from the other customizations of "the college experience."

Did you enjoy taking the courses or just tolerate them as a necessary means to acquire the learning? Student
Profile Unique Talents/Gifts Learning
Goals Students Passions Takes into account learning style, interests, current learning levels, strengths, passions, weaknesses, etc. Individualized learning Instead of producing students who look and think identically, students are divergent thinkers, passionate learners, and innovative communicators. Curriculum Each students learning goals based on critical mass standards, interests, passions, and current learning levels. Curriculum (books, videos, websites, lesson plans, manipulatives, etc. get tagged with the learning "genes" that compose them. School
Profile Customized Education The Learning Genome Project evaluate, analyze, apply, create, innovate, remember, understand, Technology customizes the learning experience to the learner. Distinguishes learning from content acquisition to discovery and discernment. Cognitive Domain Genes Take into account the demographics, location, ammenities, specialties, resources, etc. Customization Equipping students with the skills they need for the future. Teachers are content experts and dispensers of knowledge Coaches/Tutors Testing Technology In the age of Google, students by Kelly Tenkely Educators from around the world tag curriculum with the learning "genes". Crowd sourced-tagging makes this tagging a manageable task. The Genome database is built Wikipedia style. garlicandcoffee
@gmail.com Illustrations by
Mat Moore Diploma:
We determine you are educated Breaking free of a vanilla Education Breaking Free of the Box No standardized curriculum.
All learning tailored to the student.
Students allowed to learn at their developmental level. A better solution for customized learning Learning
Utopia We learn by: Playing Indulging Curiosities Getting our hands dirty Making Mistakes Achievement is changing complex on going multifacited Authentic Environment http://www.flickr.com/photos/glennbatuyong/2594336182 http://www.flickr.com/photos/osheas/4002425767 Cohesive Connected Realistic Lead Learners Questions a school needs to address
What does it mean to lead? How do we learn? Necessary for customization Matching students with lead learners Learning Centers Lead learners (not teachers) every person in the building is a learner.
Preserving divergent thinking. Open Education
Learning Center Model The Learning Genome customizes Learning through Tagged curriculum The Big 6 Pearson is already breaking up their curriculum, teachers can "build" custom textbooks and guides chapter by chapter.
The Learning Genome takes advantage of this by providing affiliate links to "buy it now". Open Courseware Differentiation The traditional school model processes kids in batches. Differentiationmeans separating into 3 groups: low, "normal" and high. Teachers would like to be more specific in differentiation, but teachers don't know what they don't know... Making customization difficult. Differentiation is more than just a generalized "grouping" Teachers are enabled to do better for their students. Open Textbooks Learners A Change Students Employees of education, required to obediently follow instructions.
Culturally obligated to work for the teacher.
Institution defined grades and gateways to college.
Compliant, group-disciplined, objective-oriented, and trinable.
Packaged knowledge and tools for regurgitating packaged knowledge.
Prescribed and paced learning. To recognize every child as an individual that is uniquely gifted and talented; understanding that as individuals, they learn at their own distinct pace and developmental level. The Genome seeks to deliver customized instruction in a way that motivates, empowers (makes stronger and more confident in learning), and challenges (invites to do something difficult) the student. Learning Genome Mission help students develop new interests Continually Growing professionally Honors School Culture Secure learning environment- safe risks Answers discovered not provided What can we create? Learning Style Be aware of learner readiness Link learning to student interests On-going formative assessment. Every child has a mentor Learning beyond walls Apprenticeship
learning All learning should be immersive Beliefs about students: Every child can learn Every child has unique gifts and talents Curiosity Open Lessons NCAT ILP Working together to chart learning paths customized to the needs of the learner. The Learning Genome offers a customized learning path, teachers don't have to know what they don't know. Genome The Learning Genome in Public Schools Lead Learners The culture that is nurtured for EVERYONE is one where learning is valued. Breaking free of the boxed curriculum. Books, video,
software, Manipulatives, and other pay-for content Learning Genome provides easy, one-stop-shopping for all paid curriculum resources. Teachers can purchase curriculum directly through the Genome using affiliate links. The Genome does for curriculum what iTunes did for music. In the current school model, students are treated as widgets, processed through an assembly line with the end goal of producing a homogenous product (graduates). to figure the world out Presentation shared under Attribution, Share-alike, Non-commercial Creative Commons licensing. The End. sorting based on low/med/high level In all of this education, what are students really learning? don't need teacher "experts" to provide the content anymore. They need to learn to learn. Students Customized education catalysts teachers and parents? Communication
Problem Solving
Valuing in Decision Making
Social Interaction
Developing a Global Perspective
Effective Citizenship
Aesthetic Engagement Ability-based Learning Technology integration specialist and educational consultant
Twitter: @ktenkely
http://storiesoflearning.wordpress.com Testing for "differentiation" Going to a 4 year university to discover my passions Going to university because I've been told that is the next step. Is this really our highest aspiration for education? Students who have been stripped of natural gifts, talents, and interests? Students ought to get more out of
education than just an increased knowledge.
Learning should be personalized and customized
for every student in such a way that unique gifts,
talents, interests and passions are addressed. Each student should be an apprentice of learning as they are exposed to ideas, experiences, and opportunities. + + + = Create Innovate Evaluate Apply Analyze Remember Understand Affective Domain Genes Recieving
phenomena Valuing Responding to phenomena Organization Internalizing Value Psychomotor Domain Genes Naturalization Self-regulation Guided response Origination Adaptation Articulation Perception Content Genes Complexity Imperitives Depth Resource Genes Online Books Manipulatives Multiple Intelligence Genes Interpersonal bodily/
kinesthetic Intrapersonal linguistic
spatial Mathematical
logical Existential/
naturalistic Musical Students advance as they are DEVELOPMENTALLY ready, not just because they are a year older. Rather than measure performance as a snapshot in time, against a standardized measure that strips individual achievment, the focus is on measurement that is about each individual. Web Content Freeware Shareware from... to... Citizens with a vested interest in the learning society.
Motivated by an understood and recognized value in their work.
A sense of ongoing accomplishment that has no ending.
Self-disciplined, group and goal oriented, resourceful, learning to achieve.
Customized learning options for exploring a networked variety of content, experimenting with that content, discovering, concluding, and constructing knowledge- invented learning. Every Child has a natural Every child learns in their own way at their own developmental pace Being open to other perspectives, views, and ideas Collaborating
Connection is a multiplier Actively thinking about concepts Making connections "The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn."
- John Lubbock Give meaningful feedback rather than grades Build a Leanring Community Model persistence Focus on what is possible Model Flexibility Customize Learning Provide opportunities for learner ownership What content a Learner needs to learn. Vary learning process Clear learning goals. Flexible groupings, time, space, materials Emphasis on individual growth. Recognizing that giving teachers choice in growth/PD the complexity of the profession Total Immersion Learning Twitacad I am grateful to those who share their work freely: Maria h. Andersen- Przi Template
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