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Traditional French Games

No description

Felix Mahmoud

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Traditional French Games

La Fin.
Thanks For Watching!
By:Ahmed Mahmoud
Most people who aren't french or of french descent have probably never heard of these games but they aren't very different from their american counterparts.
This is a game that players create a snail shell and like hopscotch hop from square to square (without touching the opponent's square and not touching the lines)
When one player reaches the center they claim a square and the game continues until the players cannot reach the center. The winner is the player with the most squares in their possession.
Games for Children
Most people know this game... Catch the Ball in the Cup. It was popular in France as early as the 16th century. Children make their own balls and cups (the length of the rope, the shape of the ball and cup are some of the things that vary.) The player tries to swing the ball into the cup using one hand. Variations of this game are found all over the world!
These are some French games or sports that are traditionally played (or have been for a while) in France or french places (Europe.) They range from bicycling to the predecessor of hopscotch. Some similarities of the games we have in the U.S. and you'll learn more about them. So into the French world of games!
Traditional French Games
It is a name for a wide range of games in which the players move a ball as close as possible to a small target ball.There are many ways this kind of game can vary: the type of ball, the way it is moved and on what surface.
Boules or Pétanque
There are many sports in France. Some of them have to do with the climate and could only be done in that place and others could be done all over France.
Skiing has been a popular sport since the Alps are in the southern part of France. Since the 1920s the French have been skiing down them. There have been many world championships (skiing) hosted in the Alps and many of the french have been winning the golds and have been in the top three.

It is an annually occurring multiple step bicycle race held for three weeks. It started out in 1903 to increase news paper sales and is now one of the prestigious throughout France and the world. It is traditionally held in July and cuts through most of the major sites in France.
Tour de France
Tennis evolved from a french game named paume meaning palm. In this game players would hit the ball with their palms trying to score a point. This evolved into jeu de paume with use of rackets. It spread and evolved into outdoor tennis.
These are some games only played by kids, and most adults find that is would be rather silly or immature to play these games (have outgrown them.)
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