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Steps to apply and register.

Gina Powell

on 29 September 2011

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ASWB EXAMINATION Important Details Finally... Licensing exists to provide state and provincial governments with a way to verify that a social worker has the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a safe level of practice. This is designed to help you apply and register for and take the ASWB social work licensing examination.

There are 5 categories of examination. As MSWs with River City you will be applying to request registration for the CLINICAL exam.

The ASWB Exam contains 170 multiple choice questions with; 20 of these questions are non-scored items that are being pretested for possible inclusion on a future ASWB examination. Only 150 items will count toward your score. You will have 4 hours to complete the exam, which is administered through a networked personal computer.
The following are the necessary steps you will need to take to apply, register, and prepare for the ASWB examination: 1. Retrieve an electronic application package, transcript request form, study guide, and ASWB Examination Candidate Handbook from Tangee Moore, MSW (Clinical Director). 2. Complete the transcript request form and either drop off or mail to your institution in which you received your Master of Social Work Degree from. This will be used to verify your education. You must pay a fee of $5 to the institution.
3. Complete the CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK LICENSURE APPLICATION BY EXAMINATION form. Be sure that all information and questions are completed. You will need to gather information about your education, graduate field instruction, supervised clinical social work experience, and employment experience post master’s degree. 8. 4. After completing the CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK LICENSURE APPLICATION BY EXAMINATION form, you will need to have it Notarized by Wes Suit, HR Manager. 5. Have the LCSW who provided you with supervision complete the VERIFICATION OF SUPERVISED EXPERIENCE form. 6. Have a graduate school program official or administration office complete the VERIFICATION OF FIELD PLACEMENT/PRACTICUM form if you did not register supervision with the Virginia Board of Social Work prior to regulation changes on March 2, 2011. 7. If applicable, complete the LICENSURE VERIFICATION OF OUT-OF-STATE SUPERVISOR, OUT-OF-STATE LICENSURE VERIFICATION, and NAME CHANGE forms. Read the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR LICENSURE AS A CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER BY EXAMINATION sheet to determine if these pertain to you. Once all necessary forms are complete review for accuracy and retrieve a check payable to the Treasurer of Virginia in the amount of $100 from Ben Plummer, Chief Financial Officer.

9. After you have received the sealed, unopened, official Transcript from your educational institute gather all these items aforementioned and place in one package. Address the package to the address indicated below:

Department of Health Professions
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Richmond, Virginia 23233-1463 10. Give the package to Wes Suit, HR Manager or Chantay Jordan, HR Official so the entire package will be submitted to the social work board as Certified Mail. This will provide you with a receipt to confirm it reached the above address.

11. You will later receive approval to register for ASWB examination from the social work board via phone, email, or mailed letter. 12. Once your receive approval to register, you can register by phone, online, by mail, or fax. Complete the form in the ASWB Examination Candidate Handbook labeled ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORK BOARDS EXAM REGISTRATION first so you have all your information ready. Choose which registration options best suits you and have your registration fee of $260 for the Advance Clinical Exam ready (See Ben Plummer, Chief Financial Officer to retrieve funds). Register. 13. Wait for the official ASWB AUTHORIZATION TO TEST to arrive via email or mail. Once you receive this it will contain information needed to schedule a test appointment. YOU CAN NOT SCHEDULE FOR TESTING UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AUTHORIZATION. They will provide you with an authorization number to use when scheduling. 14. Make an appointment to take the ASWB Social Work Examination at a Pearson VUE Test Center. You can make your reservation at www.pearsonvue.com/aswb 24 hours a day or by phone 1-877-884-9537. 15. Take the exam! Good Luck! 16. After the exam, you will receive a printed unofficial score report before you leave the testing center. This is the only document you will receive regarding your score. Your official test results will be forwarded to ASW and the social wok board (this may take 2-3 weeks). The exam score will either be pass/fail, with the number of questions you needed to pass and answer correctly. If you pass you have achieved a passing score in all jurisdictions. If you fail you must wait 90 days before taking another ASWB examination.

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