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Internet Safety

No description

Jaden Rausenberger

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Digital Etiquette
- Internet vs. Real Life
Treat other people online just like you would treat them in real life. if you wouldn't make fun of them for a certain reason in real life, then don't make fun of them for
the same reason online
Digital Etiquette 2
Online Safety
- Ask Your Parents
- Identity Theft
Don't share your personal information with anyone you don't know and definitely don't tell anyone your passwords except your parents. Passwords are there for a reason and that is so only you can get into you stuff. If anyone else knows, then they could use it to embarass you, or worse.
Be careful about what you post on the internet because anyone can see it. So think if it is something that would be okay if your parents, teachers, or potential employers see
Information Privacy
- The Internet is Public
Internet Safety
Prezi By
Jaden R.
With help
from Tim
and Moby
Thanks for
Reread what you write to make sure it is actually what you want to say and that you are getting your message through clearly. Check your spelling, grammar, tone, AND NEVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE YOU'RE YELLING AND REALLY MAD!!
Don't do this
Is my spelling, grammar and tone okay?
it may not be fun, but it helps!
If you are ever not sure about something online just ask your parents. They know alot that you don't and if your ever not sure if it is safe, or if you should enter certain information into certain sites, or just need to know how to do something. just ask your parents. Remember, they are there to help!
(You dont have to ask for every single website you go to)
Just if your not sure
if it is okay or safe
Hopefully your parents
aren't this creepy
They should look more like this
Ask them!!
Google Images
Stay anonymous until you
know what a site is all about
Just thought i'd add this
I know, it's awesome
You're welcome
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