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Think of Something That Doesn't Exist

No description

Hai-Chin Bentley

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Think of Something That Doesn't Exist

Think of Something That Doesn't Exist
Sparse-adj. thin or scattered.
Idea 2
Require-v. to need or demand.
Every living thing requires, food, water, shelter.
Bland-adj. Boring (comment or food), tasteless, mild.
Convert-v. to change something from one form to another.
Navigate-v. to plan or follow a course.
Pedestrian-a person who travels on foot.
Alternate-v. Change repeadedly between 2 actions. Every other, back-up person and/or thing.
"Frozen" Alternate ending.
"Frozen" Original Ending.
Conversion Table to convert fractions to decimals to millimeters.
"The Next 3 Days"-Most intense scene.
Intense-adj. existing or behaving to an extreme degree.
Use a compass to navigate.
Navigate a river.
Navigate around a phone. Know how to use it.
Mapquest helps us navigate to a place or destination.
Navigate a maze.
Some people feel they require extra things like:
Revert-v. return or go back to.
Sparse hair.
Sparse grass.
A person of sparse words does not say much.
Retire-verb. to leave your job or stop working, go to sleep at night, or leave a party.
Convert hours to minutes and minutes to seconds
Convert between inches, feet, yards, miles.
Converting from centimeters, inches, hand, span and foot.
Bike child carrier that converts to a stroller.
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