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No description

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of DDT

What is DDT
DDT is a pesticide that was used in WW2.
After WW2 the Drug was successful usage for everybody.
Rachel then began her research on the Drug.
What did she discover
In her book Silent Spring Rachel spills all the tea.
She found that everyone was using the drug.
Food,humans,clothes anything you can think of.
DDT can cause liver damage including liver cancer, nervous system damage, birth defects and other reproductive harm.
Health Impacts of DDT
Girls that was exposed to DDT before puberty are 5 times more likely to get breast cancer in middle age according to the President’s Cancer Panel. Mammals exposed to DDT develop liver tumors and have an increased risk of liver tumors.
For example overuse of DDT birds with high levels of DDT in their bodies were laying eggs that had shells so thin they broke before hatching, causing bird populations to act weird.
Why was it Banned after WW2
After WW2 the chemical was found to be praised by everyone after 40 years DDT was banned but we continue to live with the long lasting effects.
When DDT got into the hands of the soldiers in WW2 they were using it on each other when getting injured. DDT became so popular that it went to farms it was on the crops and foods and people were even selling it to consumers to make money.
Before medicine in WW2 people used DDT becomes there was some illness you just couldn't cure. Without knowing the side effects of DDT they took the risk.
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