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The sound of waves

No description

Anna Xiong

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of The sound of waves

Yukio Mishima The Sound of Waves Summary Character Shinji, our protagonist is an eighteen-year old young man of great physical strength, courage, and kindess.

"He was so healthy that he had never had any sickness other than the measles. He could swim the circumference of Uta-jima as many as five times without stopping. And he was sure he would have to yield to no one in any test of physical strength." - Narrator, 33.

"Surrounded though he was by the vast ocean, Shinji did not especially burn with impossible dreams of great adventure across the seas. His fisherman's conception of the sea was close to that of the farmer for his land." Theme: Purity This story is a basic love story between two young teenagers who fall in love, in Japan during the 1950's. It is a simple love story of a poor man who falls in love with the rich mans daughter. But simple as it is, the simplicity keeps the readers going. As the story develops, you notice the innocence of the teenagers who fall in love, and the maturity that rises upon within them as they go through the obstacles that rises. Hercules This is a picture of a greek god, "Hercules" known as a strong warrior. And his strength most of the time. Compared to the last quote about Shinji, I think the statue of Hercule depicts strength physically, as in his physique. But also shows "strength" as within, from his strong will. Even without a dad, or even after the traumatizing war, he works hard to tend his family and is content with his life, he keeps strong and moves on with his life. There are many reasons why I chose the theme purity. One of the many: Nature. In Uta-jima, where Shinji and Hatsue inhabits, they live in a pure island. Where nothing is corrupted, where no technology exist, but the island itself and it's pure nature and the pure hearts of the people who live there. The sea itself was considered most sacred, and most important as it became the most common food source and that the island itself still exists after the war is astonishing as it still continues to protect the people that live there. What Shinji means by this is that, the island is so pure itself, that even those who live on it are only good. Not even a thief exist, nor one to do such crimes would appear. The island is a safe and pure place. That only brings good, and the necessary. "The sea.. it only brings the good and right things that the island needs and keeps the good and right things we already have here. That's why there's not a thief on the whole island, people who always have the will to work truly and well and put up with whatever comes, people whose love is never double-faced.. people with nothing mean about them anywhere..." - Shinji, 53. The purity ring is a big symbol that represents the "purity" in "the sound of waves". It represents the pure and innocent feelings of the main characters. Such as Shinji and Hatsue. The innocent Shinji, who falls in love for the first time, who is kind, and would never do anything cruel . And Hatsue, a polite, sincere, modest, well-mannered lady who most importantly desires of keeping chaste before she is married, which the purity ring strongly symbolizes.

"Shinji did not even hold Hatsue's hand, much less dream of kissing her again. What had happended yesterday on the dark beach--to them seemed not to have been an at of their own volition." - narrator, 54. Anna Xiong
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