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2013 YouthBuild Program Outcomes

No description

Erin Rodriguez

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of 2013 YouthBuild Program Outcomes

How is the field doing?

What's the placement in education of diploma granting programs?
Data Collection
2013 YouthBuild Program Outcomes
3 important
time frame
data set
Can I have the data for New York?

What's our GED rate?

How many students are served in DOL Region 1?

Did we improve from last year?
What kinds of certificates do
DOL grantees award?
How many foster youth do we serve?

What % of student are male vs. female?
Can I have the data?
Time Frame

A year of data
5-years of data
A group of students who started in the same quarter
... or exited in the same quarter
DOL Grantees
subset of programs
subset of students
limited access
Affiliated Network
subset of programs
all YouthBuild students
our system our data
Grant Making
Grant Management
Targeted TA
Quality Assurance
Collected every quarter
Wrapped up by programs in October
report on any cycles that are completed between October 1 and September 30th
137 Programs
Reported on 4,749 Students

Average of 35 Students per program.

Average Length of Program is 10.7 months.

A few starting details
48% of students earned a GED or diploma in 2013.

The average for the previous 5 years is 44%

42% of programs met the "Good" standard or better for the Affiliated Network.
GED/High School Diploma
Program Completion
2013 Program Completion Rate is 77%

The average for the previous 5 years is 71%

69% of Programs who reported in 2013 met the "Good" Standard or better for the Affiliated Network.
Placement in Job or Education
55% of students were placed in a job or post-secondary education within months of exit.

The average of the two previous years is 51%.

55% of Affiliates met the standard of "Good" or better.

Other Placement Outcomes
42% of students were placed in jobs

19% were placed in post-secondary education

The average wage for job placements is $9.10

So far, placement retention is 79%

61% of students improved by 2 grade levels in either math or reading .

53% of students received a certificate while at YouthBuild.

73% of students got at least one of a GED, a diploma, or a certificate.
Other Educational Attainments

And at YouthBuild USA.
Follow-up continues for placement/retention until July 2014.
And, last but not least
67% of students eligible to vote are registered now.

Only 10% of students who entered YouthBuild with a record had an incident of recidivism (that means they were convicted of a new crime or had parole or probation revoked.)

How do we talk about program data?

1. What outcome is the greatest success among the group of programs? Why do you think this is?

2. What seems to be biggest challenge for the group? Any ideas about why?

3. What opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing of best practices, etc., do you see?

4. Does knowing the names of the programs contextualize this data? Does it make you question the accuracy?

5. What other information would have been helpful to know as you evaluated these programs
Discussion Questions
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