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Grant Writing and Project Management

No description

Uwana Ikaiddi

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Grant Writing and Project Management

Grant Writer
A grant writer is one of a team of people that are essential to the creation and submission of a successful grant.
Due to the sheer number of grants available, grant writers must locate those that serve their organization types and grant the amount necessary for their needs.
Many grant foundations require specific language and phrasing in grant proposals. It is a Grant Writer's job to use the appropriate wording for every grant.
There is still work to be done after a grant request has been accepted. Many grant foundations require periodic reports on the progress of funded projects.
Project Manager
A project manager takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of a particular project.
Recognize project purpose
Gather information, assess work/resources needed and create work timeline
Collaborate with key personnel and direct/manage work
Track progress and analyze risk and make adjustments
Verify completion within time/cost/performance, resource use, and client acceptance
Tactics for Super Grant Writers
Be a Liaison
Network with all the different people who have the information necessary to construct a successful grant application.
Plan Ahead
Account for possible gaps in funding for projects. Research possible funders far ahead of time.
Keep Time
Make sure to plan out both grant application cycles and post-award reporting cycles.
Act as Leader
Meet with stakeholders periodically to ensure that everything necessary for the success of the grant is maintained.
Grant Management
These skills culminate to make you an effective grant manager. Many more agencies are looking for writers who can manage and vice-versa. Consider expanding your skills by becoming a GPC or PMP.
A grant writer is mainly responsible for...
Most Project Managers operate using this diagram
You can manage both roles with a little project management...
Discussion Questions
What qualifications should a grant writer have?
What questions would you ask someone who is wanting to write grants for your organization?
What specific wording or formatting does your foundation of choice require in applications?
Does your foundation require periodic updates on progress?
Discussion Questions
What Happens When It's Just You?
Manage While You Write!
Many grant writers don't realize how little
they do compared to all the
they do!
Werner Interview Highlights
UI: You stated in your article that you spend roughly 25% of your time actually writing grants. Would you say that there’s a growing desire for grant writers who can manage as opposed to those who just write?

UI: Do you think all grant management/grant writing professionals should also be project management professionals? What are the positives associated with such a career move?

UI: Lastly, what is some advice that you would give to grant writers who are just starting out? What should they keep in mind when starting?

Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP
Owner and CEO of RBW Strategy
Twenty-five percent
of my work on a grant proposal is actually writing, as I am far more focused on
gathering information
with the team to ensure accuracy of the information." 
Discussion Questions
What specific wording or formatting does your foundation of choice require in applications?
Does your foundation require periodic updates on progress?
How long is the grant life cycle for your foundation? How many times can an organization apply?

Werner, R. (n.d.). The importance of project management as grant professionals. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from http://www.grantprofessionals.org/rc_files/417/The importance of project management as grant professionals-Rachel Werner.pdf

Kerzner, H. (2009). Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling (10th ed.). Retrieved February 7, 2016, from http://honestyets.pbworks.com/f/Project Management - A Systems Approach - 10thEd.pdf

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Werner, R. (2016, February 3). Grant Writing & Project Management with Rachel Werner [Interview by U. A. Ikaiddi].

Thank You!
Werner Interview Highlights
Werner Interview Highlights
Many Organizations Cannot Afford Two Separate Positions
Grant Writing & Project Management
Uwana Ikaiddi, Law Rolle, and Nicole McDowell
Define each task
Estimate time and resources needed
Assess who will need to be involved (stakeholders)
Define and approve a budget
Develop and implement methods of evaluation and tracking
Create and follow a timeline
Identify potential risks and how to minimize
Implement methods to assure quality control of project
Project managing process typically ends at completion of project. If projects are consecutive and exactly the same, the process is more of a continuous cycle, starting new at the planning stage and applying findings from the prior project evaluations to improve the process.
Risk Assessment and Project Closure
Risk assessment would include having a project contingency plan in place for worst case scenarios. Allow room for adjustments.
Project managing process typically ends at completion of project. If projects are consecutive and exactly the same, the process is more of a continuous cycle, starting new at the planning stage and applying findings from the prior project evaluations to improve the process.
Top Down-
Using knowledge based on past or similar projects to estimate costs and then working within those guidelines. This typically comes from one designated manager/supervisor with little to no input from others involved.
Strategies on Budgeting
Bottom Up
-Identify all necessary tasks and activities to assess cost. This strategy typically involves input from multiple persons involved.
RW: Yes – project management is critical as grant writing involves strategic thinking, communications skills, financial oversight and planning, which are all key components in project management.
RW: This depends on the individual and the focus areas they are interested in/want to pursue. Project management should not be mutually exclusive from grant writing/management. I find it useful as program design, strategic planning, grants management and collaborative grant writing invoke my project management skills, which I use on all of my projects.
RW: My advice would be to just start doing the work. The profession is varied so try out different things (prospect research, reviewing grants, writing government grants, writing private grants, etc.).
There might be some areas that interest you and where you may be more proficient. Work with capable mentors who show you best practices and also stay involved in professional organizations (GPA, AGWA, AFP) via chapter groups and take advantage of online and in-person trainings.
Choose either the top-down or bottom up budgeting strategy and describe one advantage and one disadvantage of the strategy.

How important would you say communication is to project management? Support your response with a reliable source.
Discussion Questions
Why is maintaining connections with various departments important in grant writing?

Does your organization have a project manager/grant manager in addition to a grant writer? If so, how does it benefit? If not, what could it gain by having a manager?

What methods of project management will you apply to your grant writing process?
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