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I LOVE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nizana Chuthagaran

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of GR .5 MEMORIES

Gr. 5 Year
I learned a lot in Gr.5. I learned math, language, science, social studies, music, french,art and dance/drama. Ms. Tachauer has taught me a lot.
Not only i learned a lot but i have had a lot of fun!
The Top 3 Best /Funniest Memories in Gr.5
My first best memory in gr.5 was when me, Samar and Sathviga got lost in the ROM because we then noticed that our class was in the corner and the security already went looking for Ms.Tachauer. It was so funny!

My second best memory was when our class won 3 times in a row for girls soccer game because it was fun and we WON!

My third best memory is when it was Ms.Tachauers birthday because Ms.Tachauer was crying and we had so much fun!

Why do i like being in Gr.5?
I like being in gr.5 because of Ms.Tachauer. Ms. Tachauer has taught me a lot. Not only did she teach me but she also made gr.5 fun. I also like gr.5 because of my
. My
always make me happy and i make them happy too.
By. Nizana
In conclusion i am going to miss gr.5, Ms.Tachauer and Whitehorn. I wish i could take Ms.Tachauer with me to Hazel but she can't come but i can see Ms.Tachauer next year because i have siblings.
In math i learned about probability, fractions, multiplication, division, data management, place value, measurement and many more.

My favorite unit in math is data management because it is fun and easy and i also like place value because it is fun and easy just like data management.
In language i learned how to write paragraphs, shape poems, rhyming poems, narrative stories, and letters.

I liked writing rhyming poems because i like to rhyme and i also like to do shape poems because they are fun to draw and find adjectives.
In science i learned about the human body, matter and energy.

I liked learning about the human body because it was very fun and interesting learning about the systems and the body parts in our body.

Social Studies
In social studies i learned about the canadian government, forces and structures and ancient countries.

I liked learning about the ancient countries because i learned a lot and i learned a lot of new information and it was very fun.
In music i learned about Antonio Vivaldi and his songs, composing my own music and most of all playing on the recorder.

I liked playing on the recorder because it was fun and creative.
Dance/ Drama
In art I did artworks like 1-point perspective initials, self portrait, falling for foreshortening, op art and silhouette art.

I liked doing silhouette art because it was beautiful with the yellowish background and it was very pastely (which i liked) and i also liked op art because it tricks your eyes.
In french i learned how to speak french. I did projects like endangered animals, hobbies, and the one that made me hungry the pizza unit and we also did professor.

I liked the endangered animals unit because I learned a lot and it was very fun.
In dance i did a funky dance with my
Layla, Malak, Ashley, and Eveleen. In drama i did plays. It was fun and very funny.

I liked doing the dance because we had lot of ideas and the dance was very cool.
Bye GR.5
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