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Character Analysis : Dallas Winston

No description

Cece Cinnabon

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Character Analysis : Dallas Winston

Character Analysis Dallas Winston Street Smart Dallas Dallas Is a Criminal Even though Dally has a caring side he's probably the most dangerous greaser in the gang. He's stolen things, beat up drunks and jumped small kids. He was also involved in serious gang activity while in New York. Dallas= Caring In the book we get the impression that Dally doesn't care about anyone, but when Ponyboy and Johnny came to him after killing Bob he helps them by giving them a getaway route, a gun and $50 for food. Even though he could end up in jail for assisting them in their escape since there 'criminals'. THATS ALL FOLKS!!!!! Dallas (Dally) Winston As Ponyboy said Dallas is the real character of the gang. You don't see the difference that separates the greaser from a hood in Dallas. He grew up in the streets he knows his way in and out. Dallas has a dangerous aura but underneath all that bad their is some good. Dally said if it were him he'd have just left the kids to die. But when Johnny doesn't make it out quick enough he doesn't hesitate to jump in and save him. He also puts out the fire on Ponyboy's jacket when he comes out. When Johnny's at the hospital and Ponyboy and Dally come to visit and Johnny dies, Dally has a mental break down. A mental break down is when you've reached your limit, when something stresses you. And you stress about things that worry you. And worrying means you care. So, basically when Johnny died that was Dally's breaking point. His reality has come crashing down. He got arrested at the age of 10 and various times after. He basically grew up with violence as company so no doubt he's the most dangerous. When Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally were walking around the town they asked him what he would like to do and he responded 'Nothin' legal man.' This goes to show how much of a hoodlum Dallas really is. He plays by his own rules and prefers to do things his own way. Also, when Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas were going to the Nightly Double drive-in movie, instead of paying 25 cents to go in they decided to sneak in. They had the money to go in but as the book said Dallas hated to do things the legal way. Dallas didn't exactly grow up with many opportunists to live a fantasy. Instead he grew up in a rough environment were he had to learn to adapt. Adapting was becoming a mean, cruel and viscous person he was in the story. He had to learn how to fight to keep his rights and his dignity. Dally also grew up around violence and dangerous stuff so assuming that he wanted to live he would have to become the person he is now.
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