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K-12 Counseling

No description

Rachel Gascon

on 28 December 2016

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Transcript of K-12 Counseling

Tammy Brisky
Guidance Learning Specialist
Also assist with:
filling out college applications
applying for financial aid
chaperone college visits
CA Counseling Requirements
Counseling Program at Fresno State
Job Outlook
K-12 Counseling
What is K-12 Counseling?
K-12 Counseling is a profession that deals with school counseling in an elementary, junior high, and high school setting. According to the article "Career and Roles," counselors are "vital members of the education team".
Elementary School
High School
A high school counselors day is different from day to day. High school counselors help students transition from secondary school into the workplace or college.
Don’t choose this career for the pay, choose it because you are passionate about it (Vue)
If it’s not challenging, you should choose a different career (Vue)
Get an internship, and shadow counselors (Brisky)
Elementary Counseling is not required in California
Not all schools have funds for it
only Title 1 schools
Types of counseling
Individual Counseling
attitude & knowledge & academic advice
Small group Counseling
anger management & divorce & social advice
Classroom Counseling
fairness & positive behaviors
Debora Keeny
"Resource Teacher" not a COUNSELOR
Masters (2 years) & Administration Credential
Helps EL/ poor attendance/ family discipline
50-60 hrs/week

Rachel Gascon, Maria Andrade
Erica Torres, Mayra Aceves

California Educational Requirements/ State Licensure Requirements
Need to obtain a PPS credential (Pupil Personnel Services):
Minimum of 48 units completed in post-baccalaureate (from a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) accredited program specializing in school counseling
practicum with school aged children (volunteer work)
pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) with minimum score of 123 (at least 41 on each section: reading, writing, and math)
LiveScan fingerprinting
a formal recommendation of a California college/university with a CCTC-accredited PPS program

no experience is required for state license
Junior High
Counselors in junior high have a unique job. In the article "Faces of the Future," author Tarrell Portman, refers them as "cultural mediators."
What they do?
school guidance curriculum
individual student planning
responsive services
system support
They deal with:
personal/social issues
career development

California Continuing Education Requirements
Fresno State offers School Counseling and the PPS Credential!
48 units
2 year program
night courses are available
a thesis is not required
recommended to have a 3.0 or above
Five Year Renewal:
a minimum of 150 hours of planned and approved professional growth activities must be completed and half of a year of experience
Schools Offering Master’s Degree in School Counseling and a PPS Credential in California
CSU Bakersfield
CSU Dominguez Hill
CSU Fresno
CSU Long Beach
CSU Los Angeles
CSU Sacramento
CSU San Bernardino
Chapman University
Fresno Pacific University
Loyola Marymount University
St. Mary's College of California
University of La Verne
University of Southern California
The School Counseling program was designed to complement the requirements for the PPS credential
Prerequisite Courses
COUN 176 (Counseling or Mental Health) or
(Abnormal Psychology)
COUN 174 or PSYCH 174 (Intro to Counseling)
ERA/ERF 153 (Educational Statistics)
PSYCH 143 or 144
are equivalent
Writing Competency
-passing the CBEST,

-obtaining a score of 144+ on Upper Division Writing Exam,

-a “B” or better in ENGL160W

-passing all 3 sections of the Multiple Subject CSET and the CSET writing skills test
For those interested in getting the PPS Credential, you need proof that you have passed the CBEST
Average salary was $53,380 in 2010

Bottom 10% made below $31,630

Top 10% earned above $86,250

Who do they work with?
other faculty
Why counselors?
Estimated 50 million students in the public school system by 2014 (Faces of the Future).
more diversity
Junior high is a time of curiosity
Lead them to success in high school
Tachua Vue- Learning Director
Learning Director at Kastner for Lightning Cluster (8th grade)
Degrees (all completed at Fresno State):
BA in Liberal Studies
MS in Counseling with PPS credential
MS in Admin w/ Admin credential
Doctorate in Educational Leadership
Average Salaries
Elementary and Secondary: $60,000
Junior Colleges: $51,050
College, Universities, Professional Schools: $44,610
Rehabilitation Services: $35,210
Employment is expected to grow by 19% from 2010-2020
Elementary and Secondary: by 8%
College, Universities, and Professional Schools: by 34%
Rehabilitation Services: by 30%
This means there will be approximately 53,400 job openings
Day to Day
yard duty in the morning and after school
calling kids with D or F
Welcoming new students
meetings with other faculty
wanting to help students (like if they were her child)
new situations
days are never the same
going into the classroom
students still say hi to you
not as set in their ways
Tammy Brisky
Works at Clovis West High School
Degrees- Completed at Fresno State
BS in Psychology
MS in Counseling with PPS credential
Day to Day
morning and lunch duty
appts with students and/or parents
athletic duty
one week on, two weeks off
mandatory duty for all faculty at home football games
tries to set aside emotions
takes it personal if a student is at risk of not graduating
to see the students graduate (especially the ones that were at risk of not graduating

What high school counselors do
Implement the high school guidance curriculum
guide students through the development of educational and career plans
consult with teachers, staff and parents regarding the developmental needs of students
refers students with problems to appropriate specialists or community agencies
Also assist with:
filling out college applications
applying for financial aid
chaperone college visits
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