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Would it be better if schools started later in the morning?

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Monica Rodriguez

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Would it be better if schools started later in the morning?

Would it be better if schools started later in the day?
3 Main Points
1.) You have more time to wake up.
2.) You won't be late to school.

3.) Gives a student more time to finish work and get better grades.
The Other Side
1.) Starting school later in the day instead of the morning will make us end school around the evening.

More time to wake up
Wont be late to school
Gives student more time to do work in the morning. / Getting better grades
School finishes its curriculum in around 4 hours, so the other 4 hours are pointless. Also, the blocks in the morning are harder to remember by the end of the day, not because of the length of time, but because your brain is not awake yet.
Schools starting later also means that especially with teenagers, who like to sleep in, there is much less chance of them being late for it also gives the students more time to prepare for school and get dressed without being late and without being rushed.
You may have had a busy evening. Currently i have to get up at four in the morning if i want to finish some homework before school as i usually have other commitments in the evening. so by the time school starts at 8:45 i am so tired i can hardly open my eyes. School starting later would mean that i would have time to do some homework before school and i won't feel tired when i get there. so at school, i will be able to concentrate better and get better grades
2.) There is no chance of being late if :
The child has an alarm clock to wake him/her up in the morning, followed up with a parent going into the room to wake them up and get them OR is they have trouble on getting to school
3.) You would end up having the same time to do homework. The other commitments in the evening will be pushed back, pushing back the time you get to go to sleep making it to where you are still tired.
Thesis Statement
The point here is that i think that school should start later in the day because we can learn without being so tired in the morning and we can actually remember what we learned. But either way .. Should school start later in the day?
So let me ask you this.. Is it better for school to start later in the day then to have it in the early morning?
Well.... here's my opinion.
*Having more time to wake up helps a lot because in the morning you have no time to wake up correctly because you have to eat breakfast and get dressed but you're still sleepy
*You wont be late for school because you actually would have the time to eat enough breakfast and get ready without being in such a rush
*You would be able to get your work done in the morning if you had a busy evening because if you wake up too early in the morning to do the homework you needed to do youll be too tired to even learn when you get to school and you wont be able to concentrate and start failing
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