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white throated guenon

No description

Laura Cefalu

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of white throated guenon

White Throated Guenon By: Tommy Cefalu The White Throated Guenon lives on the tops of rainforest trees in western Nigeria and Benin. Habitat The White Throated Guenon only, now, lives in holy land and places that cant be deforested. They live in holy lands because they are an endangered specie and the population is now going up, because of this . White Throated Guenon Males weigh up to about 4 kg and females weigh about 3 kg Females have only one offspring every time it gives birth, that is one reaosn int is endangered They eat insect, leaves, and crops of farmers near their habitat Live in small groups of four to five Why is it endangered? The White Throated Gueon is endangered because they were once hunted for their fur. The female also gives only one offspring every time it gives birth. Another reason is that they lost many of their habitats due to deforestation. The White Throated Guenon was even considered extinct for a while until they found a pack on the bank of a river in Nigeria Why you should help the White Throated Guenon The White Throated Guenon is a very intelligent species. It does not deserve to die because it is a creature that will keep the circle of life going by eating insects.

They are a great species that will keep everything going. Save the White Throated Guenon Now, you don't want to let this little monkey down, do you? He doesn't want to die, he wants to stay in his family, just like you want to stay with your family. Now keep supporting no deforestation and keep the White Throated Guenon's land holy. SAVE HIM
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