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Literacy Journey

No description

Anita Glover

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Literacy Journey

2012-2013 Shiloh Point's Literacy Journey What we added... What we have learned.... within, about, beyond text Fountas and Pinnell First Grade Teachers and Students Collaborating
and interacting with all media...... Ordering what we need..... Focusing on Building our Literacy Library Literacy is interactive Fountas and Pinnell All grade levels K-5 January/May: used to show growth August: leveled for reading groups Deconstructed ELA/Reading CCGPS All grade levels K-5 Common Language K-5 Define/Create Rigor Data Teams Common Assessments Running Record Explicit instruction of technique Comprehension fluency and word analysis Data Teams Our Media Specialist, Cindy Smith, has compiled books from past and current reading series along with
library donations of books to begin a
great literacy resource for our teachers. Our PTA has allotted money to help add to our Literacy Library. Cindy Smith, along with Bridget deTurck and Anita Glover will be working with grade levels to order books that support CCGPS. Literacy Observations
that worked for us... Interactive writing with Kindergarten...
Daily 5 Literacy is leveled Literacy is differentiated Literacy is reading and writing Literacy for CCGPS requires on-going assessment
Literacy is all subject inclusive....
Team Collaboration is essential...... http://tinyurl.com/cc5ul69
CCGPS Guidance Collaborative Research using our BYOT Writing Rubrics Anchor
Chart Grades 3-5 In the beginning.... ...Twin Text
....Strategies that Work ....Reading/Writing Workshop ...Various Running Records' tools Reader Response Working on
words/fluency Anchor Charts Summative
Assessment Annotating
Text Collaborative Discussion Collected and analyzed data on
each grade level K-5
exceeds, meets, close, far to go Where are going? K-5...Writing across the curriculum K-5 Science/Social Studies/Math based
Reading, Writing, Project Based Learning K-5 Common Language for Writing K-5 Leveraging and Infusing
Technology throughout the curriculum K-5 Collaborative Unit Planning learning targets close reads
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