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Kashmir War

A war between many countries.

Alyssa Cobb

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Kashmir War

Kashmir War What are the origins of the conflict? This war began in Pakistan.
The years this war went through:
1947-48, 1965, 1971, and 1999. India Kashmir What is the historical background? The local kings ruled Kashmir for centuries before the Moghuls incorporated the region into their vast empire in the 16th century.
The British occupied the region in the 19th century and in 1846 they sold the entire region, including the population, to a Dogra Hindu chief named Gulab Singh,, for 7.5 million rupees. Kashmir has been referred to as the most dangerous place on Earth. Having two nuclear powers facing off throughout a small portion of land. People who live there have always been at tension. Most people think the real war hasn't even begun. A major fear is starting to uprise mainly because both countries are getting more and more technology. Since the time of the partition in 1947, Kashmir has been in dispute between Pakistan and India. It's the cite where both countries are constantly at war. India's defense minister, George Fernandes,says< "We can take a nuclear bomb, or two or more... but when we respond tehre will be no more Pakistan" With both countries having nuclear bombs, things can only end in catastropic consequences for the people of both countries, and Kashmir. These bombs going off could end in a event quite like the apocalyptic, but only for these three places. We have now entered the 21st century, yet there is no name for it. We are still in the post Cold War era. The Kashmir War, could possibly give it a name, only because their war has not yet ended. Since 1988, Indian forces have been waging an thnic cleansing campaign against the Kashmiri people. Houses are being burnt, people arrested, tortured, raped, and killed. This has resulted in the deaths of over 80,000 Kashmiri people so far, and yet the numbers continue to rise. So far 300,000 thousand Pakistani troups have been mobilized. These numbers continue to rise. This war has not ended.It is nowhere close to ending. Until one wins over Kashmir, it's not done, or until they blow each other up. AND THAT IS THE KASHMIR WAR!!!
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