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todd williams

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of lacrosse

For Lacrosse you need a lot of equiptment. There should always be 20 players on the field,6 defense,6 attack,6 middies and 2 gollies. If you get a penalty you have to go in the penalty
box at the side of the field. The crosse has 4 parts called:
the buttend,the shaft,the throat
and the head. There are 2 types of Lacrosse, boys Lacrosse and girls Lacrosse. Although they are both Lacrosse they are
different, the rules are
different,the sticks are different
and the penalties are different. boys girls boys girls The goalies job is to keep the
other team from scoring a goal and has a bigger stick.
Although Lacrosse isnt very popular
here in Oklahoma, on the East Coast it is as popular as Basketball is here. The face off starts the game. Lacrosse was invented by many Indian tribes as a form to prepare for war. The earliest recorded date of Lacrosse being played was when all the explorers came to North America. When the Queen of England saw this sport she thought that the sticks look like what's called a Lacrosse which is the long metal pole that the Pope holds. Thats how it got its name. East Coast Map. To play Lacrosse, you have to be a member of U.S. Lacrosse Goalie The crosse heads netting
is called mesh.
There are two types,
hard and soft The lacrosse ball is made
of pure rubber and weighs 141.74 Grams. Although Lacrosse first originated in America it is played around the world. lacrosse
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