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Southern garden skink, Australia

No description

Yumin Park

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Southern garden skink, Australia

Lampropholis guichenoti, Australia
What is Lampropholis guichenoti?
Where does it occur?
Good Indicator of Climate Change
Is it a good indicator of climate change?
Large observer network


Mina Park, Jack Lim, Justin Halvorsen, Shu chen Li
What does it look like?
the seasonal events in the lifecycle
Binominal name:
Lampropholis guichenoti
Usually known as Southern Garden Skink
First mating occurs in spring
Egg hatching in mid summer
second mating occur in late summer
The sperm is stored for next spring
Courting & Mating
Hatched Eggs
Normal Mating Period
Mating Period Change
Hatched Eggs
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