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Social Entrepreneurship Presentation

No description

Jalisa Whitley

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Entrepreneurship Presentation

"Revolutionizing Philanthropy by Connecting Millennial Givers and Social Entrepreneurs"

Okay, Tell Me More....
What is PhilanthroHub?

A charitable website that crowd sources expert knowledge, crowd funds grants, and creates a platform for millennial social entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas

PhilanthroHub has

(1) to train young people to be more effective philanthropists and establish a pattern of giving

(2) to lower the educational barrier of entry to philanthropy

(3) to re-define the term “philanthropist” by engaging diverse populations including millennials and people of color in communal giving of small amounts of money and time to show that philanthropy is more than money

(4) to provide seed funding and skills-based support to populations that frequently lack access to institutional support, specifically small nonprofits and burgeoning social entrepreneurs.

How do you know there's a need?
18-35 years old (Millennials)
College-Bound, College-educated and early to mid-career professionals

Funding/Pro Bono Support Recipients:
Small nonprofits with budgets under $500,000
Burgeoning social entrepreneurs

Where You Come In...
1. Scale and Impact

2. Minimizing Barriers to Entry in the Philanthropic and Social Entrepreneurship Spaces

3. Leveraging flexible funding and pro bono support for under-resourced organizations and ideas

Young philanthropists and burgeoning social entrepreneurs receive training on how to better collectively donate their time, money and skills to individuals and organizations making a social impact.

The Young Philanthropist Track will engage participants in virtual mentoring and self-directed training videos lead by expert trainers in philanthropy and nonprofit management
Social Entrepreneurs interface with a personal mentor in the nonprofit, philanthropic and/or business arena that provides one-on-one support and guidance through video chats. They meet monthly to: refine a business plan, create a funding strategy, and develop effective marketing and outreach strategies to get the social venture off the ground
1. "Learn"
The support section is focused on supporting existing small nonprofits and incubating burgeoning social ventures by training social entrepreneurs to refine and pitch their social venture and providing venues for them to cultivate donors.
Young philanthropists virtually join with other millennials to crowd-fund microgrants or crowd-source their skills for existing nonprofits or social entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurs engage in live pitch contests where members can support their venture by donating small amount ($5-$50) seed funding to their venture
2. "Support"
The Site will be split into two sections: "Learn" and "Support". Each section will have activities for both young philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.
When You Think Of A Philanthropist Who Comes to Mind?
Who Here Knows One Of These Philanthropists That Can Fund Your Social Venture?
The Problem
The Problem is Two-Fold:
1. Millennials are interested making social change and founding their own do-good ventures but often struggle with finding resources, information and programs that will help them successfully go from idea to launch.

2. Young people are not seen as philanthropists and are therefore underutilized as potential sources of funding and pro bono support for nonprofiits and social entrepreneurs.
The Solution: PhilanthroHub
Young People Want to Give
Young People Want To Be Social Entrepreneurs
The Data
Competitors and Possible Partners
What's Different about PhilanthroHub?
1. Easily accessible, multimedia, online training
2. Venue for Community Building
3. Virtual Pitch Contests
4. Pro Bono AND Monetary Support
Why Should You Invest?
Initial Start Up Funds for Hiring a website developer = $20,000
Top 3 Incentives:
1. Networking Opportunities
2. Altruism
3. Training Opportunities
What incentives encourage you to give?
How Would You Like to Be Trained?
Nearly half (48.4%) of respondents want live stream videos/webinars
Capital Cause surveyed Millennials, mostly in the Washington, D..C Metropolitan Area with the express purpose of determining the philanthropic habits of young people, 18 -35 years old. One-hundred and eighty-two (182) unique respondents completed the online survey, and their results are presented in the following charts.
How Do You Know They'll Participate?
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