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Introductions & Conclusions


Stacy Nolan

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Introductions & Conclusions

Introductions & Conclusions
Catch & Release
What's your hook?
You've got to catch your audience
"I believe that most bites are not
because the fish is hungry
but because it's curious."
Your Audience
Who is your
intended audience?
What would appeal to them?
Appeal to emotions
Get them curious & interested
Throw out something that they can't resist
Make them bite!
What's your bait?
the anecdote
a bold or challenging statement
a powerful quote
Sarah woke up early. She looked out
the window and frowned. The sun was
shining. It was going to reach ninety
today. Sarah dreamed of the beach,
the cool water, and the fun in the sun she
COULD have if only her school hadn't changed
to a year-round calendar.
ask a question
"As far as academics is concerned,
changing the calendar is about as
effective as changing the color of
the school bussess" (Newland). Everyone
wants to see student achievement
improve. Clearly, year round school is not
the way to do this.
It's time to stop the insanity! This school is about to make a
decision that could put every student's
education in jeopardy.
Year round school...is it all it's cracked up to be? Should families be asked to make sacrafices when the benefits of year round school haven't even been proven?
Like Uncle Jimmy used to say, "If it
ain't broke, don't fix it."
so you hooked 'em,
reeled 'em in, now what?
In a persuasive essay,
you should call them
to action...what should
your audience do with
the information you
gave them?
bold or challenging statement
call to action

Make your audience
think about the topic
once they leave your essay
Use a figure of speech
metaphor, analogy
hyperbole, simile, etc.
Making kids attend year round school is like...
Return to your hook
(attention grabber)
Don't forget to review your main points. Finish strong with a final statement...the clincher.
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