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Aerospace Exploration: SpaceSleeper

Team Morpheus: Avi Aggarwal and Amy Xie

Amy Xie

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Aerospace Exploration: SpaceSleeper

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Mentors:
Dr. Richard Kidd
Dr. Samantha Infeld
Alan Kirschbaum
Brian Meade Coach: Dr. Myra Halpin, NCSSM Our
Idea... Create a Sleeping Pod
adaptable to astronauts
that: Our
Product... Create a Sleeping Pod for Astronauts that is:

Adapted to microgravity
Promotes a full night's sleep
Private Applications Current Sleeping Conditions Aboard the ISS Shell Air Flow Soundproofing Velcro Lighting Barbara Morgan Bill McArthur Jim Voss Aerospace Industry
NASA and other national space agencies
Privately operated space companies
Terrestrial models: airlines, airports, hospitals, truck transport companies Sweat equity from collaborating/ sponsoring companies & individuals
Assistance with prototype design & construction 1. Market Study: establish initial communication with market and set realistic production goals
2. Create a final, viable design
3. Material testing
4. Collect materials
5. Construction
6. Testing and modifications
7. Review design and construction process, assess budget and determine final cost of pod
8. Begin marketing pod, apply for grants and secure additionally needed funding Focus Group Findings Development Analysis Strengths & Capabilities Questions? 1. Astronauts are important to Aerospace Exploration

2. Adequate sleep is necessary for people including astronauts to achieve optimum performance.

3. Cost of sleep deprivation is high.
>250 air crashes linked to pilot fatigue/sleep deprivation
Motor vehicle accidents due to drowsiness $43-56 billion annual economic impact
BAC equivalency

4. Habitation Module canceled Air circulation most important
Personal items close by
Leisurely activities Communication and leisure
Noise inhibits sleep
Privacy "Nice to have a little volume that is just your own."
Spinal elongation Simple, small volume, and lightweight are key design features.
Well-lit to allow reading or working in the sleep station.
Radiation protection: PVA Questions? Find YOUR sleep space in the... Threats Opportunities Product Competitors
Metronaps and other napping pods
Generic Competitors
Curring sleeping facilities
Total Budget Competitors
Other NASA expenditures Need for long term sleep solutions will always exist
Consulting services Goals 1. Form a start-up company 2. Collaborate & Communicate with Targeted Market 3. Build Development Partnerships 4. Build a Prototype Aerospace Industry
NASA and other national space agencies
Privately operated space companies
Terrestrial models: airports, trucks, hospitals, airlines Sweat equity from collaborating/sponsoring companies/individuals
Assistance with prototype design and construction 1. Initial funding –
Angel investors
Crowd funding
SBIR/STTR grants
2. Seek legal support from nearby firms, protect intellectual property
3. Market study
4. Design
5. Material testing
6. Collecting materials
7. Construction
8. Testing, modifications
9. Review, finalize cost
10. Additional funding
11. More R&D
12. Begin large scale marketing campaigns Potential Development Partners:

Duke Insomnia and Sleep Research Program

UNC School of Medicine and Department of Neurology

UNC Biobehavioral Lab

Wake Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep Research Society Projected Expenses Expense Price


Services of consultants/collaborators $1000
Material Testing $200
Website $64
Miscellaneous Research & Development $1000
Testing of Prototype $50
Marketing paraphernalia $150

TOTAL (initial) $2464


Foam Mattress $200
Soundproofing $400
PVC $200
Velcro $25
Speakers $100
Fan $80
Miscellaneous materials $300
Miscellaneous Labor/ Construction $1000

TOTAL (recurring) $2305

TOTAL $4769 Privacy, comfort
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